I must be really bored resorting to statistics…lol

Here are some of those statistics on the “confirmed” cases and deaths in Ecuador.

As if today:

There are 1400 cases in EC with 32 deaths…that’s .02857 of the infected…or 2.85%.

70% of those are in Guayas = 980 with a population of 4.4M = .000223 of the pop.

EC pop is 17.5 M with 1400 is of confirmed = .00008 of the pop.

The virus has been In EC for at least a month, so we need to see what will happen in the future. If you double the number of cases each month, after 1 year there will be 2,867,200 cases, which is .16384 of the population. 80% of those will be asymptomatic, so won’t need treatment…so 573,400 might need treatment.

Now if you double the monthly rate it gets ugly…total cases 11 Billion…then we are all dead…so let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Unless it’s all a hoax!!!


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