“Trading” or Speculation in Financial Markets is Unethical, Immoral and, frankly “Evil”!

The title of this post is, I admit, “controversial,” to say the least, but it needs to be addressed.

First, I put evil in quotes because that is subjective and how do we know what is evil and what isn’t? We really don’t, but I wrote it to raise attention. Many people might say yes, it is unethical and immoral, but necessary, but when it is labeled “evil” it takes it to a whole new level,  it destroys people and society.

So how does it do that?

First, I will define “speculation.” Trading is used synonymously but they are different. Speculation is the trading of assets and never taking delivery of that asset. Trading is the actual exchange of goods and services. Speculation is a zero-sum game, where one who wins profits off another’s loss, sometimes to the detriment of their very livelihood. One hears of people committing suicide after losing their account to bad trades/speculations. Many others…like 95% of speculators…us little guys, who never make a profit. The 5% that do are the big players who are collaborating. So they are making their money off of us…sucking us dry. That is where they get the opposite side of the speculation…if they are buying, someone has to sell, Since none of the other big guys are selling, we get manipulated into being their “liquidity pool.”

It’s interesting how that applies to almost every area of life today, from medicine (no healing, just treatment), war (for economic stimulation and profit taking), manufacturing (planned obsolescence), marketing (FOMO, Fear of missing out on the latest trends and fashions), and many other parts of the economy.

Anyone who says that is in any good is frankly evil in the purest sense of the word.

So all you 100 million people out there trying to sell each other the latest and best crypto program to get a 5% referral bonus, are just playing into their delusion.  You have almost no chance to ever recruit enough people to make any difference in your life, and those of you that do are not doing it organically on social media. You spend money on advertising, targeting qualified people who can be sucked into a scam. None of these speculation programs last for more than 5 years, and many not even one. The big marketers know that so they jump from program to program getting out just before the “crash” leaving us “normies” to take the fall. They make more in referral bonuses than they invest. They can invest $1000 and make 10 referring others, and they say they are “helping people!”

Everyone who has invested in “crypto” can tell you their own experience of getting scammed and probably everyone else they know. This makes everyone skeptical, and won’t join a legitimate company, even if one could tell if it is. It’s the Amway syndrome…one of the most successful businesses in the world…over $8 billion a year at last count. That would make it the largest direct marketing company in the world, and top 5 in several of its niches, but it’s still a scam…after 64 years in business!!!

Thanks Speculators!

So all of you who are trying to “get rich” off of other people just like you should really take a loonnnng look at your morals.

Let’s not end this on a negative note. What is the moral way to “Trade?”

As I said above is that one must take delivery of a good or service for it to be moral and beneficial for society. The price is agreed upon by both sides, so each one is getting value…what they want. One wants grain and will trade for meat, for example. It might have to go thru several trades to actually work. If one has 2 tons of grain, how much meat will it take to buy it? There might need to be 10 people that have meat to sell to complete the trade. That’s what the market is for…to facilitate that. Also, supply and demand can dictate what the ratio is. There doesn’t really need to have a dollar price put on it, hence the less need for money…another evil!!! Don’t get me started on that one!

One can also contract to sell one’s product at a later date for a specific price to help secure a profit or at least a breakeven. That keeps business going!

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if there was an open marketplace where everyone could trade free of manipulation and corruption? It can be done! Systems have, and are, being developed to do this very same thing!

It’s called a New World!



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They’re Right, You Know.

Just got this message…from they.

I need to give they a name to distinguish the different they’s, but are not helping me with a name. So I guess I just have to come up with something.

So I’ll pick one that I can use. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,

Entities, Higher Self, Helpers, Guardian Angels, Observers, Watchers…what do you think?

Anyway, I think you get the picture.

Entities (using the first one on the list) just said…

They’re Right, You Know!

The “they” they are referring to are the Controllers or Negative “Beings” that are depriving us of our free will. The way they see it, if we have all that choice we make “bad” ones, which creates chaos. They want order (lower case) but on their terms.

Most of humanity…like 95% or greater…is in that category. We don’t really have any direction or dream and don’t cooperate. We go about our daily lives contributing very little to society.

So we are called “Useless Eaters” and need to be culled so as to not create overwhelming “chaos.”

Remember we were “created,” or actually altered by them to serve their purpose. They consider themselves on a higher level than us and that gives them the right to control us.

We acquiesce by going along with the “program.” They can see that if we get too numerous, we will revolt and more chaos will result. Seeing it from their perspective, we are non-contributing members of society.

Napoleon Hill, from Think and Grow Rich…if you don’t know the book or him, look him up…revealed the secrets of being successful and fulfilled that the rich knew and applied. He was scathed and demonized for telling the “common” man how to succeed. He said to not worry because only 2% of the people would listen to him and 2% of them would apply his principles. The most the rich could expect is a few more people entering their circles and realizing that we were…again…Useless Eaters.  That would only increase their power and influence.

Then the Rich got on board and hence, the “Positive Thinking” movement was allowed to happen.

So They Are Right!!! We are Useless Eaters!!!

We can’t end on that Note, though. There has to be a Solution!!!

That’s why I was given the “3 Pillars to Finding Your Dream” and “Crossing the Line!”

It’s called called “Get Rich” (in every sense of the word) and then teach others how to do it without becoming cynical and controlling.

First Fill Your Own Cup, and let the Overflowing attract others to do the same. With all of our Cups full, free will, accountability, and compassion will balance the negative side of Duality.

We need to strive for Balance, not to destroy “all evil.” That will never happen, as then Duality will not exist. We do not know what is “evil” in the Ultimate sense anyway.

So that’s my take on why “They Are Right.”


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Confirmation, Realizing My Intentions and Living Life!

Got some good feedback recently!!!

Someone doing the First Pillar, Realizing You Are Loved, sent a voice message crying and saying how she was “feeling the Love!!!”

That has been my experience as well, and I witnessed it with anyone who applied it like I said in my post, The Three Pillars.

It truly is an amazing thing to experience the Love that the Universe/Creation/God has for us!

She was releasing trauma by the boatloads as well!!!

Just as I said!!!

I have been just doing my thing…” The Next Right Thing!”

It’s so interesting that when I intend something, it happens. I just met someone and we have become good friends. We work out together and sit and talk over coffee or lunch. We are traveling to a place on the beach to see if we would like to live there part-time or full.

I also wanted something else financially related, and someone sent out an email that answered my request!”

I had a “question” come to me recently. Have you ever experienced Joy? First, I had to ask, What is Joy?” It is the over-riding sense of Bliss and Happiness that stays there…like a basis for Life. Ok, that was a new one for me, which means that is my intention now!

So I just live my life day to day knowing that all is Well and Getting Better!


Thanks for all your Comments. I truly Appreciate them. I can’t say Thank You to each one individually. There are too many. That’s why I am saying Thank You! here!

I do Read them ALL!!!

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If you want to reach me, commenting usually doesn’t work. There are too many and most of the emails are fake. So, if you Really want more info and genuinely want help, email me at vsalzer@vincesalzer.

You can use the floating Social Media Icon buttons at the bottom of every post as well. They allow you to follow, subscribe, like, comment, and private message me, so you have your choice of contact.

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The Journey to Finding Your Dream and Creating Peace!

Just because one is Financially FREE and striving for Peace doesn’t mean every day is going to be “Great!” I am having one of those today. It’s hot and humid, but I am out going after My Dream, which means that there will be things to overcome. That’s just the way it is. I call them Challenges to My Peace!

The resistance is there, but whenever I go into My Peace, the calmness and reassurance are there as well. Just knowing that I am Free Financially and Finding My Dream motivates me. It’s easier now than before I Crossed the Line.

I just say to the circumstances…and my mind…who tends to make things seem worse, that I just don’t want to be in that space or feeling. It will suggest another one, but I just keep telling it I want to be in the space of feeling what’s it’s like being on the Other Side, at Peace and doing what they tell me.

I have a list of things to do. I accomplish one item on the list and then ask myself what is the Next Right Thing. This keeps me busy, and my mind doesn’t wander. At the end of the day I can say I did well and relax.

If you want a better world, Create One! It’s all happening on the inside anyway. Being “there” instead of “here” on a consistent basis will make the there…here.

Get it?

Ok, this is the next day. Had to include it, because of what happened!

So, it wasn’t such a “good” day yesterday, but I made it through. Today, I get up and start doing the next right thing.

Yesterday I said I keep a list. Today I learned that it probably isn’t necessary. So many other things will come up that I can get stressed that I am not accomplishing the “main goals.” So, they must be keeping the List…

This morning something happened that wanted to disrupt my “plan,” but I get it done, and then on to the next few things. I am always listening and questioning, “OK, what’s next??” The next right thing comes up, and I immediately do it. Sometimes, as I was out doing things, it was “Stop here. At this store.” So I did. I got so many questions answered about what I Really Wanted. Like, if I lived in this kind of place what would I furnish it with, and other places I would like to visit. I met a very person at a neat Sushi Bar. The day just flowed with new and interesting things. It wasn’t that hot, and I walked around and barely broke a sweat. It was so different than yesterday

The incredible thing is everything from yesterday got resolved, plus so many more things.

So much for worrying and stressing. I admit I was stressed yesterday, but today they showed me that it was all for naught. They really showed me that if I kept up my attitude, did what they said, my reward was awesome.

And it just keeps going!!!

They keep Amazing me!

This is the journey to Finding Your Dream and Creating Peace.

Gotta say it…If you want a Life like this…let me know!



Am I Crazy?

So really, Am I Crazy?

Some of you may wonder and so do I…Am I hearing voices!

Well, I am…hearing things…so I might be crazy.

The only thing I can point to are the results I have…total financial freedom.

The rest I am still working on. I am not perfect in the physical sense, but they told me they see me as perfect.

How awesome is that!!!

Or how delusional is it???

Guess I’ll take the finances as proof, plus the voice(s) many confirmations of what they said came true.

And maybe it’s the Love I feel from them, and therefore for myself, and the compassion for You?

So maybe I just might have something…

It’s interesting that I was just watching video where this lady describes leaving her body, going wherever she wanted and doing anything she could think of. So maybe the Other Side might even exist.

I voiced my humbleness and awe at what they have told me, and that they even “talk” to me, in my last post, but they said it really isn’t a big deal. Instead Gratitude is a good thing to offer to Everything, Everywhere, All At Once! They are just part of that…just like we are.

They said that I put in the work, took a step of faith, and followed my intuition. That was me…and had very little to do with them. They were watching of course, so they knew I was ripe for their communication.

They are always knocking at the door, and responding to whoever opens it. They knocked…and called…and knocked…and knocked again for over 30 years…until I opened it. That was when my 1 or 2 chances started. I had a choice then to accept them or not. If I had not accepted, they just move on.

That is what they are teaching me as well. To write, do what I can to innerstand and keep on the other side, or keep Finding My Dream is the Great Journey!

I can sense many of you are wondering, what if he awakens from his Dream. Maybe I will, but is the Dream of enjoying the results of financial freedom worth it? By my judgment, anytime spent there is better than where I was before. And maybe by then I will have progressed far enough to never come back over the Line…staying in the Dream.

So being crazy for me is just fine. I have the tangible results.

Do You? What do You Want?

Again the “if you want help, or have questions” thing is: contact me by replying to this post, by email or other social media

Abundance and Peace from a Maybe Crazy person



So What Really is Crossing the Line?

I am going to try to explain more about what Crossing the Line is.

This is harder than one thinks. It is explaining something that is out of this world, but, yet, still in it. One wise man said, “Be of this world, but not in it.” Do you know who it was?

To not be “in this world” one needs to be able to access info that comes from those who are in that “other” space, because that’s where the info comes from. They say completely different things from what is commonly known.

They are completely at peace, loving themselves and financially free.

There are groups of them in all areas of society, and they only congregate with other people who are like minded. They don’t think exactly alike, but the common thing among them is that they have all Crossed the Line! Like I said they are FREE in every area of their life and getting more every day! That’s what binds them together. They have other common interests, such as the type of business, the spiritual practice, entertainment, the family stage (children or not) and many other things.

So they gather into these groups I call Master Minds which keeps their mindset “on the other side.” They also help each other to achieve their Dreams.

These people also have seminars and coaching sessions teaching people like you and me how to “Cross Over.” They do it because they live in BLISS and want others to have it as well. The clubs are always wanting to expand too, as everyone wants more friends…right.

They explain what it’s like to be free, and how to go about achieving it. There are many different ways to do that, of course, so it depends on whom you resonate with. But the end goal is the same…Crossing the Line means FREEDOM!

It’s like they are extending their hand out to you, inviting you into the club. You qualify by being open to new and different information. Then they look for commitment in time, energy, focus and money, because nothing is free in this world. They also look for how enthused and excited you are.

If you are stuck in fear, they help you, so you can rise above it. They also help you deal with your traumas. Everyone has them, so you are really no different than anyone else. They have been there themselves, and know what it’s like.

In my experience, everyone talks about Money! It is no different with them because it is so important until you have established ways to generate it consistently. It is the first step in your Crossing the Line journey. But just working hard to make money is not the answer. It is learning how to do the things that makes you a “manifestor!” There are specific vehicles that they use to achieve these goals, and can be different for each group.

The mindset of, “I am open to the way of manifesting that works for me.” is the thing that reveals the Line. I have been looking for that all of my life, and, in some way, everyone is as well. So I am not saying anything that doesn’t apply to all humanity. We all have the desire to become FREE! We just don’t know exactly how to get there! The better way to say it is, “How to be there!” It is a state being.

One of the groups says, “Just keeping coming to the seminars, until you “get it!” Just keep getting the info until that one thing clicks for you.

I always remember the people “over there” say that once you know it, you will be completely changed. They said that they went from “trying” to attract people to their cause or idea or company to having people contacting them wanting to be apart of what they were doing. It became almost effortless. This has been said by many thought leaders throughout history. What we desire we attract!

Then a few years ago I began getting messages from I don’t know who or where. They told me things that came true many times, so I listened and more came. They gave me “The Three Pillars,” which is how one Finds Their Dream…or now, how one “Crosses the Line!”

I asked who they were or where they came from, but never really got an answer. So I just call them they. They said to never put quotes around or bold the word they. They would prefer I don’t capitalize it either. They say it’s not important. They don’t have names anyway. I don’t even know if it’s one entity or more. It really is irrelevant. I just follow what they say as much as I can. They are so loving and accepting that I break down in gratitude and humbleness, just to be allowed to hear what they say. But then they say again, they are no better than me, and just continue to be On the Other Side!

It is a great honor for me just to be a part of Crossing the Line!

It’s like the religious experience of getting saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in the Christian sense. There are similar things in other traditions as well. If you are familiar with them, you will know the words.

But the spiritual experience needs to be manifested in the physical world. That’s when it become real and makes a difference in your life.

It’s called Abundance and Peace!

These are their terms. I don’t make them up. First comes the name like Crossing the Line, and then it’s explained in detail. It takes time to process it, so I can “innerstand” it. Then they tell me to write it in my blog and on social media. Actually I am sometimes overwhelmed by the immensity of it, and have to really focus to put this “concept” into words. Hence I am becoming a word artist as I mentioned in my last post. I am truly amazed sometimes what comes out of my mouth, or write in response to people who respond to me on social media. They always have something unique to say to each of these people, and it just comes out.

In the midst of all this contact with them I found something that just resonated with me, so I got started. A few months later I realized that this vehicle is making me financially independent, and will last as long as the internet and common business practice exists. It was intuitive as well as logical. It just made Sense! Once I realized that I was financially free, I was completely changed.

My favorite line now is that I am financially free and do what I like. The rest of my life will be finding out what I really desire to do! The question is, “What do I want?” That’s not as easy as you think, because the possibilities seem endless. Even with boundaries, as you might have, it still takes a lot of “thinking” to see what you really want!

It is an endeavor that will occupy my life completely. I think of something I want to do and then go about doing it, always keeping that Peace. I call it Staying Over the Line! It gets easier the more I do it. It’s as important as Crossing the Line is.

I learned to keep a protection around me, and am insulated from the negative in this world…as I perceive it.

The other thing they said is there are only 1 or 2 times that this will be presented to you…IN YOUR LIFE! They were very clear about it. It was like a warning! If you don’t accept it, I am told to move on. We can be acquaintances, but Crossing the Line will always be lurking. You know that I am FREE and it’s something you want, but reject.

I guess that’s one reason it’s called a Line. Step over it and become FREE, or stay on the other side. It’s up to You. You don’t offend me by not wanting to cross it. I was there and I know what it’s like.

I share the process of this concept to those who have done the initial steps to gather information, getting their questions answered and seem ready by their actions.

It’s a logical investigation driven by the desire we all have to grow…to be FREE. You just have to be open to learning more about it

I have compassion for you no matter what you decide. We all have our own journey.

They tell me I can only associate with like minded people, those who are over the Line or truly want to be, so I am following Instructions. I am not any better than you, just open to them and made different decisions.

Well this has turned in a “book.” In my last post I said I don’t have anymore words, but many more will be coming. That certainly happened…another amazing thing about them.

All I can say that if you are ready…open to hear what they say…not me…then reply to this post, contact me by email below or PM me on most social media. I am the same everywhere: Vince Salzer

Abundance and Peace,



The “Line”

A new and exciting concept came to me the other day.

It was given to me as Crossing the Line!

I made 2 videos about it. You can access the first one here and the second here. I talk like I normally do. Not professionally done, but the idea is what counts. You can get to know me now…like I’m a real FREE person.

It’s when you realize that there is a difference between having and wanting…fear and love…trauma and peace…abundance and lack.

Those who are on the “other side of the line” are at peace with themselves because they know that everything is happening as it should and is for their benefit.

They have enough money coming in every day and know that it will continue for the rest of their lives. Their fear of abundance is no longer there. That means that they don’t fear having money or not having it. It comes to them so they can have what they desire. It is just a tool, you know. They are happy with themselves because they do what they love, and they are always growing and creating.

I have seen and listened to so many of them try to tell me how it all works. I understood it, but never really got it.

I Understand Now! I Got It!

I am financially independent, and personally free from the past. I am getting more free each day as I release each trauma as it comes to the surface. Many other things go along with it. I am in a state where one is totally aware, honest, and accountable. They call it BLISS, which is a profound sense of contentment and freedom!!! It’s what happens when you have Crossed the Line!!!

I don’t want to sound arrogant and I am not perfect…at least in my actions, but I see myself completely different. There is a space…an allowance…for good things to happen. The process of creating and growing is so amazing, and things happen every day that provide me the opportunity to do so!!!

It seems like everything has an intention to it. There is direction in it.

I could probably go on and on, but words really don’t touch the “being” of it all!

But I will be writing and talking about this much more in the future. There are so many more words that need to be said to somehow explain it. To express feelings in words is an art…so I am becoming an artist!

BUT…isn’t there always a But?

First, this takes commitment, time energy and money. Nothing happens without effort.

Second, you will be presented with this concept and the opportunity only once or twice In Your Whole Life! I repeat once or twice! You have only that time or times if you are fortunate, to accept it

I accepted it, committed to it, spend my time and energy to accomplish it and then I was rewarded with the Result!!!

I am so grateful that I received and accepted the opportunity of “Crossing the Line,” and I am extending it to you,

So now it’s your decision. Will you accept the invitation, and then commit your time and energy to the process of ”Crossing the Line?”

If so give me a Shout!


Thanks for all your Comments. I truly Appreciate them. I can’t say Thank You to each one individually. There are too many. That’s why I am saying Thank You! here!

I do Read them ALL!!!

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Thank You again, and Be in Abundance and Peace



Some Answers or at least Explanations

The day after I uploaded my last post, I received and answer. It was from someone I respected.

I don’t need to mention his name, because he is not interested in fame or fortune, and I took what he said and changed it anyway.

It’s interesting that when we ask a question the answer comes to us.

So this was about the question of reincarnation. I said that what is the point of it if we start over every life we live. Doesn’t make sense that we are “learning the lessons,” and no wonder it takes 8 billion lives to “ascend.”

That’s pretty depressing!

Here the alternate viewpoint. We are in a simulated reality (see my Facebook post…The Delusion of the Illusion of Reality.) It has been constructed by negative forces, and keeps “recycling” us to harvest our energy, since they can’t access the Energy of the Universe.

See the movie series, Matrix, as an example, but this is on a much deeper level. Not only are we harvested in this life, but are trapped in the cycle of life after life.

This is much more nefarious.

The escape is to know what the construct is and that one doesn’t die. That removes fear of death.

If you talk to people who have had Near Death Experiences, they generally do not have a fear of death when they return.

The other thing is to not follow the “light” when you die, or accept that the relatives meeting you are genuine. Always look away from the first light and find the second one. That leads you out of the cycle.

But you have to be prepared.

You will never see that second Light unless you have done the work to see through the delusion of this life.

That is what I do in my coaching program.

It’s very hard for most people to see it, and I have worked on my self for years to get to a place where I think I can help. (Don’t think that I’ve seen it all, but I am committed to Finding My Dream.)

If you can see that there is something wrong with this world…The Delusion…and want help to escape it and still live a life full of peace, security and LOVE, send me an email (vsalzer@vincesalzer.com) or PM me on one of the Social Media icons that hover at the bottom of every post. I don’t respond to comments to the posts because of the spam and fake email addresses prevalent there. You need to take some initiative if you want to Find Your Dream.



The Reason the New World will come and What will it Look Like?

So I just copied some text that talks about how the new world will come about and how it will look.

If you read it, the first thing that come to mind is….HOW?

How will this work? The details are not there. It’s just a bunch of general things.

The question came to me….How does it work now? I had to answer…I really don’t have any idea how things work now.

They are so screwed up I can’t understand how they are holding together. With disease, supply chain, food, construction materials, energy and extreme political divisiveness. It’s a miracle that it’s not all burning down around us right now.

So the new earth might be a little fuzzy right now, because we have no idea how things will change. It’s all open…so many possibilities…that one cannot imagine more than some general visions of what could be.

So much has to come down before the new will appear. It will be so different it’s hard to imagine.

If you take the down the medical system, what will the new one look like.

How about the energy system…Free? Sustainable? Locally generated or worldwide? What will that look like?

Food…what will completely healthy food look like? How will be grown? Will it be done by huge tractors and combines, or by many people on small farms and lots of greenhouses?

What will the new housing look like. There are plenty of examples of people building differently, but really how do we house billions of people differently. I really don’t know how we do it now, much less how it could be done. We throw a bunch of sticks together and insulate with stuff that at extremely temperatures doesn’t work at all, and then throw a bunch of energy at it to keep it livable.

No wonder it’s…everything…falling apart.

Who likes sitting in their car alone for hours a day to get somewhere…and they don’t even like being there, and then do it day after day.

Maybe a change is needed and inevitable. It just can’t hold together anymore.

What will communities look like? Will they be small, intimate and self sufficient or large and concentrated for efficiency?

How will security be instituted? By members of community patrolling or by huge private security firms paid by people who want their services? Will they be accountable? How can it be worse than it is now?

What will people be like in this new earth? Will they be as disagreeable as they are now, or will there be a little more peace between us? Seems like it, but if we don’t change, maybe not, and then it all comes tumbling down. And we start over or we die as a species.

Who knows?

But do you think we MUST Try!!!

To make a new system to better ourselves…to create…to grow!

I think it’s worth it!

Come on…let’s do it together…for our own good!!!


So Many Good Things are Happening!

In the circles I run in so many people are excited about the positive changes that are happening.

It might look like it’s really negative, but the sentiment is that the negative is past its peak and the positive is on the upturn….massively.

I want to put this out there so you can feed off this vibration…and help the parabolic rise!!!

Don’t take this as, “Wow, everything is going to get better. I can sit back and watch the negative collapse, and the positive create.” It’s more like I need this positive message to renew my resolve to change, to realize that I am Loved, can Love Myself and keep moving forward.

Even if the positive is evident, and you don’t do anything, you will miss out on its effects. You can just sit and watch it…watch it run right by you!

This is a free choice reality. It’s your choice to create what you want. It will be easier in the near future, but only if you are prepared.

That’s what I do, help you prepare…to survive the current situation and thrive in the next one!