I would posit that we all want to be our own separate beings, because how can we differentiate ourselves from others and our environment? Yet we long for connection with others and God.

The gurus tell that we are really one with God. Wow!

Now there is a fine distinction between being one with God and being God. Being one means a close connection without actually being that Entity. That’s about as close as we can get without losing ourselves.

So we are always aware of our separation. That’s a good thing and a bad one. It’s good is that we are separate beings, but bad because we often lose the connection.

That loss creates trauma in our life. We know we can do better, but we just don’t because we are inherently rebellious and want to do it ourselves. We don’t see how to do it, so make so many mistakes that we get farther away from our goal.

What a dilemna!!

Balance is always the solution!

You know you are connected to God, and put on this earth to create…and an extencion of the All Mighty. So create as your self realizing that you are really helping God in His Creation!


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