Why DO I do this?

What is “This” anyway?

It’s me writing this blog, and posting on Social Media.

It doesn’t seem to line up with anything I have said in previous posts.
I say, “There is only me/I.”

You really aren’t there. You are a figment of my imagination or perception.

On the other hand, we are all a part of the Whole. We all came from the same Place/Being.

I am You!

I am really talking to myself; encouraging, uplifting, organizing, practicing, vibrating being ME.

When I write, produce a video, or post on social media, I am telling myself what I think…and thinking is the most crucial part. I have to think…for hours… to express myself to you, another part of Me.

Then “You” give me feedback and I grow and create new “content.”

What is content anyway? What does it mean in the traditional sense? It means “the filling,” or what’s inside. So I am giving you what’s inside me…what I THINK…what I am being!

I am giving You/Myself what I have and You/I are responding, which creates new content. It’s how Matrixes are created, and, most importantly, the one I use.

How does they (If you don’t know about they, you can read about it here: https://vincesalzer.com/being-good/the-line/.) fit into all this jumble, contradiction, and sense-making…LOL?

They tell me all this stuff, and say they are a part of me speaking from another part of Me…”over there!”.

Am I making any sense at all?

I think I’m getting it…at least better than before I started “spilling my guts” as the saying goes. Guts are what’s inside me…content.

See everything means something.

I am sitting in a coffee tienda writing and it is completely full.

The staff is going at 150 %. It’s amazing to watch! The energy in the room is very intense and exciting. Everyone is connecting in a way that is authentic, life-giving, Matrix sustaining, and generally good for the connection to myself.

Seems Contradictory and Rational.

I always say, “Does it make sense?” Somehow it does.

I use the both/and way of looking at life rather than the either/or…like quantum states…meaning one can be in 2 states at the same time or even an undetermined one. That concept is being applied in the real world now, so why can’t I use it?!!!
I can both contradict myself and make sense so long as I am not in doubt or in conflict within myself.

I need to see myself as congruent, so I can focus and create undoubtedly.

My intention is to create the reality… illusion…I live in that is the best for my ascension, evolution, progression.

I call it “Bliss!!!” The Bliss of being Over the Line and in Peace!

Focus, and it happens all day long! I am reminding myself…or being reminded by they.  I keep asking, “Ok, what is the Next Right Thing?”

I am always discovering what I want…also knowing an overall Dream is there. I don’t need to know it…just that is.

They have my back! It’s ok! Everything is going to turn out just the way I Want!

To Your Peace,

Vince Salzer

You can contact me by:  leaving a comment asking a question about the post’s content, clicking on one of the hovering Icons at the bottom of the screen, and by email at vsalzer@vincesalzer.com. I thank you for your thousands of nice comments. I answer most content questions. The rest I approve or trash. If you don’t see yours, you know what happened.


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