Don’t know what to say, because I have so much to say…LOL!

I watch a lot of content on relationships even though we are the only ones in our reality, We still deal with all the constructs we have made called other people, so how do we do that?

First, they are what we think they are. They are our reflections. So, since it is us, we have to learn to be compassionate towards them. It’s like Loving Ourselves. Part of it is forgiving ourselves and releasing the trauma. That’s why we created them!

It’s the details that matter. You have to know what to say to someone when conflict arises. If you react badly, you will reap the effects of resentment, shame guilt, and mostly, lack of peace!

If you keep in mind that those “other people” are just you, it changes everything in your life.

I said it before, you become unoffendable and non-offending. You still have to stand up for yourself, like not accepting non-accountability, by just not associating with that kind of people.

You can create people, and friends that are, so your life becomes what you want it to be. It takes some searching and allowing for that to happen, but they always show up.

If you are accountable, which is a growing process, others of the same kind can come to you, so if you aren’t attracting them, start with yourself!

That’s where Peace, being Over the Line, and listening to they becomes the most important thing in your Life.

It’s also called Finding Your Dream!


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