The title of this post is, I admit, “controversial,” to say the least, but it needs to be addressed.

First, I put evil in quotes because that is subjective and how do we know what is evil and what isn’t? We really don’t, but I wrote it to raise attention. Many people might say yes, it is unethical and immoral, but necessary, but when it is labeled “evil” it takes it to a whole new level,  it destroys people and society.

So how does it do that?

First, I will define “speculation.” Trading is used synonymously but they are different. Speculation is the trading of assets and never taking delivery of that asset. Trading is the actual exchange of goods and services. Speculation is a zero-sum game, where one who wins profits off another’s loss, sometimes to the detriment of their very livelihood. One hears of people committing suicide after losing their account to bad trades/speculations. Many others…like 95% of speculators…us little guys, who never make a profit. The 5% that do are the big players who are collaborating. So they are making their money off of us…sucking us dry. That is where they get the opposite side of the speculation…if they are buying, someone has to sell, Since none of the other big guys are selling, we get manipulated into being their “liquidity pool.”

It’s interesting how that applies to almost every area of life today, from medicine (no healing, just treatment), war (for economic stimulation and profit taking), manufacturing (planned obsolescence), marketing (FOMO, Fear of missing out on the latest trends and fashions), and many other parts of the economy.

Anyone who says that is in any good is frankly evil in the purest sense of the word.

So all you 100 million people out there trying to sell each other the latest and best crypto program to get a 5% referral bonus, are just playing into their delusion.  You have almost no chance to ever recruit enough people to make any difference in your life, and those of you that do are not doing it organically on social media. You spend money on advertising, targeting qualified people who can be sucked into a scam. None of these speculation programs last for more than 5 years, and many not even one. The big marketers know that so they jump from program to program getting out just before the “crash” leaving us “normies” to take the fall. They make more in referral bonuses than they invest. They can invest $1000 and make 10 referring others, and they say they are “helping people!”

Everyone who has invested in “crypto” can tell you their own experience of getting scammed and probably everyone else they know. This makes everyone skeptical, and won’t join a legitimate company, even if one could tell if it is. It’s the Amway syndrome…one of the most successful businesses in the world…over $8 billion a year at last count. That would make it the largest direct marketing company in the world, and top 5 in several of its niches, but it’s still a scam…after 64 years in business!!!

Thanks Speculators!

So all of you who are trying to “get rich” off of other people just like you should really take a loonnnng look at your morals.

Let’s not end this on a negative note. What is the moral way to “Trade?”

As I said above is that one must take delivery of a good or service for it to be moral and beneficial for society. The price is agreed upon by both sides, so each one is getting value…what they want. One wants grain and will trade for meat, for example. It might have to go thru several trades to actually work. If one has 2 tons of grain, how much meat will it take to buy it? There might need to be 10 people that have meat to sell to complete the trade. That’s what the market is for…to facilitate that. Also, supply and demand can dictate what the ratio is. There doesn’t really need to have a dollar price put on it, hence the less need for money…another evil!!! Don’t get me started on that one!

One can also contract to sell one’s product at a later date for a specific price to help secure a profit or at least a breakeven. That keeps business going!

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if there was an open marketplace where everyone could trade free of manipulation and corruption? It can be done! Systems have, and are, being developed to do this very same thing!

It’s called a New World!



I say it at the bottom of every post, so you know how to reply to me. Do I need to mention it again?






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