Just got this message…from they.

I need to give they a name to distinguish the different they’s, but are not helping me with a name. So I guess I just have to come up with something.

So I’ll pick one that I can use. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,

Entities, Higher Self, Helpers, Guardian Angels, Observers, Watchers…what do you think?

Anyway, I think you get the picture.

Entities (using the first one on the list) just said…

They’re Right, You Know!

The “they” they are referring to are the Controllers or Negative “Beings” that are depriving us of our free will. The way they see it, if we have all that choice we make “bad” ones, which creates chaos. They want order (lower case) but on their terms.

Most of humanity…like 95% or greater…is in that category. We don’t really have any direction or dream and don’t cooperate. We go about our daily lives contributing very little to society.

So we are called “Useless Eaters” and need to be culled so as to not create overwhelming “chaos.”

Remember we were “created,” or actually altered by them to serve their purpose. They consider themselves on a higher level than us and that gives them the right to control us.

We acquiesce by going along with the “program.” They can see that if we get too numerous, we will revolt and more chaos will result. Seeing it from their perspective, we are non-contributing members of society.

Napoleon Hill, from Think and Grow Rich…if you don’t know the book or him, look him up…revealed the secrets of being successful and fulfilled that the rich knew and applied. He was scathed and demonized for telling the “common” man how to succeed. He said to not worry because only 2% of the people would listen to him and 2% of them would apply his principles. The most the rich could expect is a few more people entering their circles and realizing that we were…again…Useless Eaters.  That would only increase their power and influence.

Then the Rich got on board and hence, the “Positive Thinking” movement was allowed to happen.

So They Are Right!!! We are Useless Eaters!!!

We can’t end on that Note, though. There has to be a Solution!!!

That’s why I was given the “3 Pillars to Finding Your Dream” and “Crossing the Line!”

It’s called called “Get Rich” (in every sense of the word) and then teach others how to do it without becoming cynical and controlling.

First Fill Your Own Cup, and let the Overflowing attract others to do the same. With all of our Cups full, free will, accountability, and compassion will balance the negative side of Duality.

We need to strive for Balance, not to destroy “all evil.” That will never happen, as then Duality will not exist. We do not know what is “evil” in the Ultimate sense anyway.

So that’s my take on why “They Are Right.”


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I do Read them ALL!!!

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