I recently met a new friend that told me he didn’t know if he could stay here because it is too different, and he can’t access things he did back home. Mostly he wanted to hear the news back home.

On the other hand, he was sick of the bad news that he watched. He thought he didn’t have access to sites because he was keeping his phone plan on roaming from back home. He doesn’t understand that he has Internet access on his phone and could even use it on his laptop. He could get a phone plan here as well and have the best of both worlds! His family is from this country, but he left when he was very young and returned only a few times. He returned here to take care of his mother. That’s a good thing to do, right? Well, there are other things involved that involve enabling and lack of responsibility, and he is caught up in it. That is making his experience here less than optimal. Hopefully, he can adjust to the culture before he gives up.

I understand how he feels. I went thru the same thing when I came here. That brought up my own fear. I was actually in fear for my life for 2 or 3 years after coming here. Even today I don’t go out by myself very often alone at night unless it’s in a taxi. The times I did, nothing happened, so I have to reevaluate my fear, which has subsided over the years,  It’s just…why tempt fate? I am a foreigner here and a target!

With 2 of us walking around, the chances are statistically reduced, so we both should feel safer.

Then they said that I have protection around me and should get out of fear. It will hinder my Abundance, Bliss and Joy.

I have enough to do to Find My Dream…at least the “First One,” and “What do I want?” Since being told this, the fear has left…mostly. I told my friend that we are protected, and not to worry.

This is another step in the Process of Crossing the Line and Finding Your Dream!


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I do Read them ALL!!!

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  1. Always good food for thought, Vince!

    • Thanks Oli!!! Wow a REAL person made a comment!

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