It seems to be easier to Cross the Line as it is a “one-time” thing.

The first time is a really great…high… experience! Every time after that seems not as much, The Entities are telling me now that it doesn’t have to be that way. Crossing the Line…or rather Being Across the Line…is supposed to be a rejuvenation so one can endure below the Line. It’s what gives us the Energy, Persistence, and Commitment to stay in Abundance and Peace! Even under harsh, stressful and overwhelming circumstances.

I experienced this yesterday. I was doing some research and found something that totally changed my direction. I spent hours talking to different people about why it was and then how to “fix” it. It ended up being a fairly simple solution, but the path there was fraught with anxiety, and stress.

I listened to a great man last night that I have followed for years. He said that no matter what you are going thru…all mistakes made, and offenses of others…the goal is to “shake it off!”

So simple and yet elegant!

So now a great burden has been lifted, and it comes back to “What do You Want?”

I like to write, visualize what the future could look like, and think of what I want to be, being healed, healthy, and wealthy. Having the option of “Today I am going to do whatever I want!”

It doesn’t turn out that way…Entities are always talking to me, telling me what the Next Right Thing is. That results in me being much more fulfilled and satisfied than “doing whatever I want” anyway.

It’s really nice to have something to do…sometimes for others that give one purpose.

It is said in the New World, people who want the benefits of “free” housing, energy, and food will have to present a humanitarian project. Like how are you going to justify your existence and not just be a “useless eater!”

Rather exciting, I think. I need a plan to help other people…in my case helping them to Cross and Stay Over the Line. It will be easier then, and people will see things more clearly. It’s going to be a big change for most though.

It was for me!!!

So I just love to be Over the Line more and more, which is making below the Line more enjoyable.

I just “shake it off” and keep moving.

Upward and Onward!

In Abundance and Peace



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