I learned another thing from they today.

Did I “learn” it or did they just put it in my mind? Anyway, I “got” something!

Words, words, words, what do they mean? Ok, I give up…just do the best I can…being a word artist!  LOL!

Rewards can come in ways I don’t expect!

I had an exciting day yesterday, talking to people, and being excited about telling people about Crossing the Line!

But then last night and this morning, those people did not accept the offer.

Oh no, I am rejected! How could they not see it? What did I do wrong?

Also this morning I missed an appointment!!!

Things piling on top of things!

I immediately called, apologized, rescheduled, and said, “I’m buying!”

Ok, that made it a little better.

Then I went for a walk and did errands. I noticed that people…let’s be honest…women, were noticing me, smiling and saying hi!

That was in stark contrast to yesterday. Not one did. So what changed?

They said when I do the Next Right Thing, rewards can come in completely different areas of my life.

So just accept all the good, and keep doing what they say.

Wow…that Felt GOOD!

It gave me the impetus to write 2 posts today. I like it when things just flow…

It happens when I see my life as having meaning.

We all need to feel good…and the more the better! I have to choose to feel good, and sometimes things come to reward that!

See…the Universe is good and filled with LOVE!


Thanks for all your Comments. I truly Appreciate them. I can’t say Thank You to each one individually. There are too many. That’s why I am saying Thank You! here!

I do Read them ALL!!!

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