What is “karma?”

Before we get to that, we need to talk about the new “Energy” coming into this Earth.

That is what’s creating this New Definition. Instead of doing “good” things to overcome “bad,” it’s the innerstanding of how the Universe is made. It all came from One source, so there can’t be two Ultimates. So there is only One, not good and bad. Most religions and traditions are rooted in that concept. That also implies that we need help, like a savior to cleanse our sins or remove our karma. That is not possible since there is no one able to do that. Everyone has their Journey to follow and we are all the same…in the sight of God. Believing in a savior removes accountability and hinders us in our progress.

The other concept is that we created/dreamed our reality. That means we have a reason to be here. It’s something like we set tasks for ourselves that we wanted to experience.

A funny meme I saw said, “If I knew what I gave myself to do when I got here, I would have said, “Are you Crazy?”

I think it’s funny, but also looking at it from our perspective, it seems like a disaster most of the time. Why did we choose this very dense and dirty existence?

The Answer is:  To be able to turn it into a good one!

This is the new karma concept!

The karma hold on us has been dissolved. We need to face the current situation, forgive ourselves by knowing that We are Loved.

So we don’t have to go back into our past and try to find the reasons why we do/did things. We probably won’t get a definite answer, because it’s too intertwined with everything else that happened. Our mind just brings up either random things or the Next Right Thing to deal with. We don’t know which it is, but the technique is the same…Face it, Forgive ourselves, and Move On!

I received a saying that helps with the racing of the mind that accuses us of “stupid stuff” that we can’t do anything about.

It’s Love, Love, Love!!!

By repeating that in answer to all the questions or situations that can never be answered or resolved, they diffuse into nothing.

That allows only the things that truly need to be addressed to come forth and be dealt with.

This is the way to Cross the Line and Find Your Dream!


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