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I wrote about my journey up until Oct 2014 in a previous post. I hadn’t written anything for 3 years! And I had just moved to Ecuador, which was a big change for me. I shut down my business in the States (real estate appraising) which I realized was very stressful.  I said I had only posted occasionally, because I felt I didn’t have much to say, but there was still something on the inside that needed to be let out.

I then detailed my journey…how I became disillusioned about the lack of power in the churches I had attended. Fortunately, one of my acquaintances introduced me to someone (who I won’t name, for political reasons) who was teaching the secrets of the rich. That opened my eyes. He said things were intentionally kept from us to protect their power! But even if we knew about it 90% of us would never use it! Wow!!!

Actually, I heard similar things from other authors and people on social media. He just said it in a different, more open way. He said there are 2 camps of “rich”  people, one who wanted to keep their control, and one who wanted to reveal the “secrets.” He said he was part of the whole space, both the control and “reveal” side. He left the space and started doing several things to reveal the secrets to us outside the “rich” groups, and he got into a lot of trouble, but not before he set up a system to teach the secrets to us…lonely, depressed, broke peons…as they call us!

That started a different story and journey for me, which will take more than a lifetime to fulfill!

The first secret I was given was we are all Responsible for where we are in life…and that’s good… because then we can change it. But that’s scary and why 90% of us will not apply this first secret.

The second is about Control, which is related to the first.  It’s about letting ourselves be influenced and distracted by all the advertising, TV, Facebook, and all the rest of the images, emotions, and feelings we let into our lives every day. It’s about how we think we “deserve a break,” but that’s giving our responsibility…our control…to someone else. How many of us let others influence us, and keep us stuck, but inherently know that we are ultimately responsible? What do you think? I think way down deep we all know that we are totally responsible.

I took this knowledge to the people in my church, including the pastors, and received a very lukewarm response. Many wouldn’t even look at the info, and the pastors said it wasn’t “of God.” I thought, what is so “anti-God” about this? It increased the questions and doubts about the “Church,” about how people have twisted what Jesus said.

Then, since the blog was called God Things back then, I wrote how science could explain creation by God wanting to “know Himself.” The theory said that from a point, which coalesced from the Void, a circle was created, or realized. Then more circles were naturally formed. (This is a very simplistic explanation of a very deep, in-depth topic.) For more info check out Sacred Geometry.

Since we all started from “a circle,” we are all made up of the same stuff, which is not only a shape but a vibration…a frequency…another very deep subject.

Also since we all come from the same thing/place, when we hurt others, we hurt ourselves.

Science and mystics say we are self-aware, meaning we create our own through reality…. our perspective, and our “stories.”

Back to control….does “giving our lives to Jesus” sound like being responsible or like giving up control?  Jesus never talked about it…but St Paul did…sort of. Just saying…

Once we give our lives to someone else, does it relieve us of responsibility? I have experienced that many, many times…like, don’t worry, Jesus is in control, or the devil is making me do it.  What I did read…more than once… is that the Kingdom of God is within us and that our works show our Faith.

Summing it up, in order to fulfill our Destiny…Find Our Dream:  There is a Plan,  it is our Responsibility to be in Control of our lives and Focus on the things that matter…that brings us closer to realizing our Dream!!!

Nov 2014

Finding a Healing God” I related God Within Us to healing, and how that makes everything else fall into place.

I stated that we have the energy and ambition to go after what completes us and makes us happy.

To know that we are in command of our lives, and, therefore, our health. Also, to stay in the present to let ourselves be who we really are, so we can access God Within Us to fulfill our lives.

Next was “Healing from a God Perspective.”  I said that healing comes from within. We are sick in ourselves, so that’s where healing has to come.

But our mind wants us to think it comes from outside ourselves, which then gives control to something else.

Once we realize that we are Eternal…Perfect and Complete…that Love is the controlling factor, that we can begin to change.

So search within yourself, to Find God, because that is all there is, and that everything is right where it should be.  

“Right, where it should be” is a very powerful statement. It says that everything is in order…Perfect! That may be hard to understand, but we don’t need to know how or why. We just need to know it!

Just think about it…if we are part of a perfect Creation, then healing is a part of us, and all we need to do is access it!

So visualize it…being part of God…and realize it. God is everywhere, everything, throughout time.

In “Mind Control” healing comes from within, and knowing who God is was stated again.

Then the next thing was who is in control.

The Present is all there is, but our mind is always taking us back into our past and then projecting that into the future. It wants to protect us, which is its role.

But, once we realize that have a Divine Self within us that is really what should direct us, then the mind can do its job, which is making plans, taking care of everyday decisions, and regulating our body.

I call it our True Self and by focusing on that we find our Calling (This was the start of the Finding Your Dream concept.)

It’s not selfish…like getting what I want no matter what happens to other people. It means to ask what is Best for me and all of Creation, which is the same! That begins to quiet the mind. As an example, have you ever had a new idea, an inspiration? Did it come from your mind, or did it just appear? It came from our True Self communicating with you. It is integrated into healing as well because you cannot access healing without your True, Divine Self.

So put your mind in second place…where it should be. I am not saying it will be easy, but it is simple!

Just begin to think on God, and Creation, and watch yourself think. Watch your thoughts of fear, guilt, and shame come bubbling up, and then, watch them go! They are not yours. They are just figments and they want to trap you. They want to destroy your control.

Just think of “everything as it should be.” Your mind wants you to believe it is not, but you are now realizing that it is just right!

Remember we are totally responsible for ourselves, and we have everything inside of us to meet any challenge!

Next was a Treatise on “Free Will.” (I write with a lot of ellipses.) Do we have free will? Well, only if we exercise it…for the right reasons. That is not taking advantage of others, or going for the “bling,” which doesn’t make us happy anyway.

It comes from control…self-control…or a better word would be command. To be in command of our reality is the ultimate free will.

It is the freedom from our mind that truly makes us free! It is the quieting of our mind…looking at it from the “observer” perspective…which brings us to our True Self.

That brings compassion…accepting that the way they are…and loving the way we are…which will give the ability to change…to US.

Next, the blog title was Treatise on Control. I noticed a lot of grammatical errors in this post, which have corrected. Must not have been in my “right” mind.

Anyway, this is one for us control freaks!

Many of us think that control means, “doing what we want,” and not having anyone “telling us what to do.” But actually, the media, parents, authority figures, and those we want to please, really control us more than we know. Also, we have incessant thoughts going through our mind all the time. It really comes down to who you listen to.

So to regain command of our lives we need to control the messages. Stop the chatter, the reliving of the past, and the fantasy of the future,

We can start by admitting that we have problems and that we can’t solve them by ourselves, and that we need help…from our Creator…who resides in us. Then once we are honest, we can begin to deal with each issue as it triggers us, which allows us to see ourselves as we truly are…the way God sees us. It returns command and control to us. Now that’s what I like…being in control!!!

In Dec 2014 I wrote 1 post called The Important vs. The Urgent.

I wrote about all the “Urgent” things that were interfering with getting the “Important” things done. The Urgent things were buying a different car. It took 3 weeks to find one and another 10 days to transfer the money. Going to visit a friend was another “had to be done.” They were important, but no blog writing or other important things got done.

That’s how life is…full of interruptions…such as today…my computer crashed and I had to start over on this blog post. But we need to stay focused, and get back to our Dream…relentlessly…never giving up…always going on. Seeing the end…feeling it…living it!!!

I then got the inspiration of the Steps to Finding Your Dream! I go into detail in many other posts. This has been my focus since then.

Think I will stop here. I might add more later, but in a different format…maybe even a book!

This has been a good exercise for me to write about what I wrote about from a different perspective, as in later in time…kinda like the future, which I don’t believe in. There are posts on what the future really is.

Thanks for “listening!” If you want more of this, leave a comment. If there are a few, maybe it will inspire me to write more.

I am now more focused on the “present” and how we can successfully navigate and create our own reality!

To Your Best



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