I just a scary thought. Don’t look very scared in the picture though ;>)

So in the Bible God “sacrificed” his Son for “us.”

Then the thought came to me that Satanists also sacrifice young children and virgins. Their objective is to harvest their soul and drink their blood. I don’t know much about whatever else they do…and don’t want to.

So killing children is what the dark side does, and killing men (well, only once, but it’s good forevermore!) is what the light side does!!! But we take the blood and the body every Sunday.

Wow, now we are sacrificing over and over…and some say it’s the Son’s actual body.

Does that sound good to you?

How does killing someone actually satisfy these “gods?”

And what does it do?

I just want to talk about the light side. So the Son’s sacrifice “saves our soul.” How does that work? It’s never explained. I asked and got an “that’s absurd” answer. Guess they don’t think it’s even worth considering.

So there’s something going on here that we have no idea about. There is something in the spiritual…or “higher dimensons”…as some call it, that we need to know.

Actually I see little difference between the dark and the light. They all are “harvesting” us.

So this might break your mind, especially if you are Christian, but it all goes along with “everything you ever believed is false,” idea that I have talked about in other posts.

But the thoughts I get come “out of the blue,” and I don’t claim them to be mine. You might think I’m crazy…and I probably am…but that voice inside my head is pretty loud.

Like the time I said we are perfect in the sense that faith only works if we have no doubt. Not doubting sounds pretty perfect to me. My Christian group was very displeased with me. It did not fit in the “man is a fallen creature and needs saving” matrix.

Hey don’t shoot the messenger!!!



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