Oh Boy, this could be a long one and could take several days or sessions to complete.

I am compelled to write this because they won’t leave me alone…lol.

In my Journey to make sense of the world and not be caught up in cognitive dissonance, or as I would say it, being in the Delusion of the Illusion of Reality, (I wrote a post about this, you can search for it. I’m not going to do the work for you.)…I need a way to start from the beginning…of whatever there is…and go from there.

My innerstanding of the “Creation of the Universe,” in a very abbreviated diatribe, is there was this something or other that existed as One. It somehow created Two to be able to experience itself…don’t know why or how. It just happened, which started the whole ball rolling.

It could actually be called “Duality” in a cosmic sense and that has determined all of Creation since. There are many levels that were created as a consequence, including the one we are currently experiencing.

At “higher” levels…closer to Source…the contract is not so stark, but still there as far as I can imagine.

The natural progression of that process led to humans. We were given “free will.” The angels or beings before then were created with little to none of it. It was the natural feedback/feedforward loop that did it.

Then comes the story of Adam and Eve in the garden. The “serpent” tempted Eve, but why? I learned that Lucifer did not like the creation of man because he could see that humans had the ability to not choose to be connected to Source. They/we also had the ability to create just as Source did, although not ultimately as Source. That made him jealous and extremely angry, so attempted to show that he was right. He validated that when Eve “took the bait” and also got Adam to do so as well.

As a result, he hated Source and wanted to usurp God and rule in a more “orderly” fashion. That is the characteristic of the negative forces to this day…they want order. They can’t handle creativity. It seems like chaos to them.

Well, it didn’t work out so well for him, but he got some of the other “angels” to follow him. He then became known as “the accuser.” It shows that they DID have some free will after all. So he was a hypocrite and that’s why he “fell.”

And everything went downhill from there…at least it seems so. Now we need a “Savior” to get back to God. Not sure of the logic of that, but, let’s move on.

So why are we here, and having such a bad life? I wrote about that already in several posts, so no need to rehash that in depth but suffice it to say that we are meant to create. To do that we need to be “of this world, but not in it!”

The negative forces have created this world…their “order”…and don’t want us to leave it. It is our destiny…if we choose to…to create our own reality and have a balanced life!

Kinda simple…short and sweet!!!

See, Vince that wasn’t so bad. I made a mountain out of a molehill. When will I learn??? Just do as they say and it makes it so much better!


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I do Read them ALL!!!

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