What would change if you knew you could live until 130? It would change your perspective for sure!

I have that vision of 130 years.

First, you have to start planning for the long term. Retirement will last a loonngg time! So you will have to save much more.

You can work longer so you must keep up with the changing environment thru training.

Your accountability will have to increase. Telling lies for that long is very hard.

Long-term relationships take on a whole new meaning. Can we stay with a partner that long or will we grow and change so our Paths diverge? Renewing the commitment is going to be necessary, and if you cannot do that in good faith, then it’s time to move on. That brings heartache and change that we need to prepare for. We have to approach them in a more “rational” way. Feelings are there but they can change depending on actions. If the actions don’t line up with the feelings, trust is destroyed, so it ends.

The chance for you to evolve into “5D” or Crossing the Line becomes greater, so this Delusion can collapse with a new one manifesting…hopefully!!!

The matrix control and lies are harder to maintain as people have longer to experience life, and long for something better.

I can see myself and you enjoying our full 130 years, and even longer once we get used to the reality that we are infinite beings from God/Source/Creator who never die, but keep creating…Finding Our Dream…as part of All That Is!!!




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