Every day I receive new things from them.

Yesterday, it was:  I need to control my emotions. Things weren’t working, and I let my frustrations out on people who didn’t control the process we were trying to complete. Finally, we agreed that it won’t work.

I then found another company that could, and it was all over in less than an hour! Oh, the trials of technology.

I then apologized to the first company for my behavior and told them how I solved the problem. I learned that if something doesn’t work right away, find a different way before getting angry.

There is always another way!!!

I then had to go into why I blocked myself from solutions by getting angry. What trauma is hiding…but now evident…that I haven’t addressed?

It’s that I want everything to go smoothly when I do something. When it doesn’t I don’t react well.

Solution: Remember the Peace…always. I am FREE, so this little thing is not so important. Keep being in the Present!

How about you? Sound familiar?

Now, for some good things!!!

I heard someone say that time doesn’t exist outside the 3D dimension.


So how do things happen out there? They just told me it happens all at once! Creation is happening now and only now! The past and the future, as we know it, are all a part of Now!

Somehow that helped…not sure what changed, but something clicked in my “head.”

Then I heard someone talk about the Akashic Record and karma. The Record is where everything is stored and karma is the resulting actions from that record. He said that before, all actions had consequences and accumulated over time. Now there’s a way to actually negate the karma by dealing with all actions as they come up. Being accountable, apologizing, and making amends when it has to do with other people totally cancels the karma and clears the record. For things that you can’t rectify, you can just cancel them, including all the things you have done to yourself!!!

Wow, that’s cool!

So now it’s possible to be someone with No Past! 

Imagine if you sat down to think and nothing came up to accuse you!! The actions are still there, but they have no more effect on you because you dealt with them. Before they were brought up over and over, no matter what you did. They wanted to be fixed. Now you can fix it, by saying that it doesn’t matter anymore because I dealt with it. It’s Done, Over!

With practice, this becomes the way to quiet the mind so you can hear what they are saying.

Another new thing is that they are not another entity outside of you. They are the same as you. People call it the Higher Self, Soul, and many other things. They said “my” higher self and they are the same.


So I’m not contradicting myself when I say that it’s all happening on the inside, and there is only you…or rather me/I because out there they are all the same.

Deep Stuff!!! Maybe not…Depending…

Which means that I have more confirmations of my thinking.

The 3 Pillars, Crossing the Line and being at Peace are still Valid!!!

They said that this is a continuing Process… a State of Being. That’s how Creating happens.

Along with that, I spend a lot of time thinking about What I Want and doing the Next Right Thing, It’s the Journey of Finding MY Dream!

Being Free means in every area of your life. Money magnifies what we are like. The question is: What do you want your life to be when you have no more money fears and worries? The correct way to say it is:  How do you want to BE when you have no fear of money?

I am putting together thoughts and actions that will help everyone who joins this Freedom. Before I tailored to each one individually. I can say things there that might offend if I told you personally.

It might turn into a course, or just a booklet on taking the steps necessary to get to your point of Crossing the Line.

As always, if you want more info, comment on this message with a valid email, or send a message to: vsalzer@vincesalzer.com.

That’s if you want to be Free!

To Your Freedom!




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