Matriarchal and Patriarchal Society Comparison.

I got some info from someone who said at this time our culture should be matriarchal because we are going through a “rebirthing” process. He said this point in “time” was a completion of many cycles at once…like 1200, 3600, 12,000 144,000, and up…a very important time. “He” said many other things that I resonated with as well. So, I started to think about his assertion.

I seem to remember that “Lemuria and Atlantis” were thought to be matriarchal. Also, the preflood, pre-Adamic, (the “snake” tempted Eve, not Adam, so who was in charge?) and various indigenous tribes with thousands of years of verbal history were as well. The patriarchal paradigm started with the expulsion from the “Garden of Eden” (could Eden mean Eve?) The “flood” completely reset everything…which resulted in our current patriarchal culture. The advent of “written” history solidified the patriarchal hold on society. Then the acceptance of a “king” completed the change.

Not all cultures did so as I mentioned above. They were mostly tribal wherein the males only hunted and were in charge of security, but when they were gone, who guarded the “henhouse?” It was the old and the young males. I’m sure there were strong women as well. They had to be. But every tribe did basically the same. The young men proved themselves by stealing horses and sometimes young women as well. It had to be kept in check or major wars would develop, which served no one. Those young women were highly prized for their new DNA. Otherwise, the tribes would have devolved into bumbling idiots. The bloodlines were preserved by the women, so that wouldn’t happen. I can imagine those young “virgins” (Did the women care? No, they just wanted their new blood.) were used as breeding stock being passed around to all the “alpha males.”  “White women” were highly prized as well. That was a huge new input!!! Can you imagine the “gall” of the women of the tribe, treating their own “gender” so badly? They intuitively “knew” the best for their tribe. Did those women “love” their “man”? They took care of them, but was there monogamy? Ok, let’s see. They innerstood that men need sex…EVERY DAY…morning, noon and night! They initiated at least half the time. They love sex as much as the men do!!! It entailed the hands, the mouth, being on top, not being a dead fish on the bottom, and having mind-blowing orgasms WITH them, their eyes staring into their man’s eyes telling him he’s the best they ever had!!! It also meant that when they had their period or were pregnant they offered other women to keep them satisfied. He didn’t have to take them up on it, but it was there. I’m sure they did most of the time. Once they lost their fertility, they gave other women to them. Strangely, STDs were not a concern. If the men lost their fertility, they were kept around until they no longer were a contribution to the tribe. Same with the women. This all depended on the health of the tribe. If it was struggling, the dead weight was cut. If the health was good, both were revered for their wisdom and lived to ripe old ages…going out into the night when it was time to go to the “sweet heaven in the sky!”

As an aside, I experienced this, so don’t go saying it isn’t real. She wanted me to teach her younger sister how to have sex and help her get over the trauma from an abusive boyfriend!!! She also said, “I’m going to “give” you 5…yes, that’s right, GIVE YOU 5, orgasms in ONE day. She had no concern for her own, although I know she did as well. Now that’s a WOMAN!!! Boy, I miss her, now that I think about it. My life would have been sooo much BETTER!!!

The men got what they wanted…spreading their seed…with several women, and probably on a rotating basis to maximize the gene pool. The matriarchs surreptitiously were “the neck that turned the head,” but, hey, why would the men complain? They just provided and protected the tribe. What a deal!!! Compare that to prostitution, which degrades women and creates sooo much trauma.

Can you imagine the women meeting and scheming (oops, I meant “planning!”) when the men were out hunting? Devious, aren’t they? LOL.

Those “sneaky” meetings were not a “who is going to sleep with who tonight” scenario. It was filled with emotional connections that they wanted. The men knew who their children were (paternity) and were village-raised with the names being of the mother first. That is still a tradition in Latin countries to this day.  Histories were sung in songs, to keep the memory and the bloodlines straight as there was very little writing. That’s a “man” thing! Writing entails coalescing things from intuition to “rationality”????

Cupid’s Arrow and the resulting jealousy were dealt with by non-lethal male battles for ascendancy to “chief,” a farce if I ever saw one. Women don’t want just one man to protect them, they need as many “alphas” as they can get. Sure, they want to know the highest quality men, but mostly men are just swimming around in one big gene pool to them. Women’s psyche is one big room…sometimes disorganized…which necessitated those meetings. They came to a communal agreement with survival in mind.

Without them, the tribe would not have Survived, much less Thrived. The testosteroned crazed men would have all killed each other if they weren’t there. They built and maintained a very complex culture for thousands of years, as evidenced by large “nations” in North America, where it is well-researched, and many other places as well!

Contrast that with what happened in the “blueblood,” patriarchal societies. First, there was the concubine “solution,” which let only one man “breed” with the best “virgins,” which didn’t expand the gene pool nearly as much as the “controlling” women above did. I guess they were still called virgins after they had the minimum required children and put out to “pasture.” with “average” males. Sounds gross when it’s said that way!!!

Women never gratified their need for security and provision either… no one was safe.  Also, those bluebloods interbred so much that imbeciles were crowned as kings. Kingdoms were weakened by the infighting of the sons of the kings. The kingship was passed down to the eldest son so the female DNA was never preserved further reducing diversity. It got much uglier than that too. Any noble could take any woman from his “lands” any time he wanted no matter if they had a “Cupid’s Arrow,” kids, or social standing in the community.

Does that sound like anyone had their needs filled, especially comparing it to the matrimonial culture above?

I have to admit I have completely “turned on a dime” to my previous posts, but this is from a “revisionist” history perspective.

Now let’s start from the early 1800’s when women began to “raise hell” (Interesting choice of words. Did they actually do that?) They started with the “right” to vote, then on to work, own property, and have a bank account. Then it really went off the rails with free love, legal prostitution, contraception, abortion, career first kids later, if at all, emasculation of men, “I can do anything a man can,” and finally “I don’t need no man!”

That is a complete and total corruption of the Matriarchal culture expounded upon above. Women ARE trying to break the thousands of years of patriarchal bonds, but couldn’t have done it in a worse way. They might be “waking” up though, by the “where are all the good men” and “I would love to stay home and take of my man” sentiment that is starting gain traction. The pendulum seems to be turning. Men will always accept them back, once they “quit losing their mind.” They love them. They enjoy the sane ones too!!! It’s what they live for!!!

I wrote about the 85-year-old guy leading his wife with Alzheimer’s around by the hand, even though she didn’t know him. He kept his commitment because he had to live with himself. That’s the way men are. Do they need much? He got nothing and still did it!!!


So, there’s both sides.


We NEED women to step into their Birth Role in the coming very radical evolutional pre-ordained, transition. Men will follow…like they always do.
I have seen this coming in many different ways for over 10 years. It’s fulfilled!!!





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