The Problem with the East and the West!

So what is real and what is not?

I will divide this into East and West and compare them.

The West has a tradition of individual rights and self-determination. In the Bible a warning was given that the choice to have King’s rule would enslave. They did it anyway, saying that their neighbors were living that way. That lasted until they threw off the rights of Kings to rule with the Magna Carta. They also developed a sense of right and wrong…morality. This is greatly simplified but just go with me. The East has the concept of duty, cooperation, and the common good. Their kings were slowly elbowed out by socialism, a natural outcome of the culture. It hasn’t gone very well for them, but they are united in their purpose. They took and adapted what they wanted from the West. They don’t have the same sense of morality as the West. They think what’s good for them is right, but they don’t apply it to the West. So lying, deceiving, and killing “the foreigner” is OK, so long as they don’t get caught. If they do they “lose face,” which leads to shame, but not remorse or guilt. They just got caught. The West has that sense of morality but seldom adheres to it, and they are starting to understand the East, which further erodes their ethics. We can add religion…the West needs to be “saved,” with little accountability associated. The East has reincarnation, so one can just do it over.

Now we have 2 sides that are amoral and unaccountable, but bounded, the West by guilt, and the East by shame. Unfortunately, that has very little control over their behavior.

No wonder we are such a mess!!!

If we bring the spiritual into the mix, we have been visited, experimented upon, and manipulated for 1000’s of years. We view them as God(s), some benevolent, some not. They made us in their image, but we always took the path of self-destruction, at least 7 times. They are at their wit’s end, hoping that the combination of passing through an energy cloud and natural species evolution might help us to a less dense dimension. If we don’t make it they will start over, because the Earth is a unique place to live. Their problem is how to deal with dark forces that are allowed, then forcefully invade removing choice and the ability to evolve. It’s a very delicate balancing act.

We are being held “in the balance.” What will we choose?

That’s why I am writing here. To wake you up so you have a real choice. If you make one for “good,” I can help you survive and thrive in the “next world.” Those that choose will go there and those that don’t will stay. I want to go there and bring as many people along as I can.

So it’s up to you!!!

Choose Wisely



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