Something is WRONG and WE ALL KNOW IT!

I haven’t posted in a long time. That has happened a few times in this journey of over 10 years of blogging.

I have been doing this for a lot longer than that. Before, I used to record messages when driving during my several different businesses.

Yes, I always have been self-employed, except for short stints working for state government and several other smaller companies. I never did well in those positions though. Guess I was never cut out to work for other people. Some of us are just serial entrepreneurs.

Well, I have had several thoughts during this Christmas season…hence this post.

Not exactly sure what they are, but felt this irresistible urge to “say” something.

First, always remember your family. It is what grounds you, even if you don’t have much contact with them…as I do…living in a foreign country. I still know where I come from and the values that were instilled in me/us. It’s something to hold on to even though I’m not sure my relatives even care. They probably still have the same basic values but are traditional, except that they are mostly entrepreneurs which would make them a little non-traditional.

I have never been at all traditional, but still believe in honesty, loyalty, accountability, and trust. I’m sure they do too except the loyalty part. It means you stand by your family no matter what happens. You don’t agree with everything they do, but you support them wherever you can. I would consider myself as the black sheep of the family. There were 2 aunts…one on each side of the family…that were as well. Maybe every family has them?

Well, OK, enough of the reminiscing.

The reason for my “nature” is that I never accepted what I saw was completely true. From when I was very young I knew the world wasn’t “fair,” and that clouded my view of the world. I mean if there is a “God,” shouldn’t he be fair? So there must be something wrong!!!

I then reasoned that since there is Order in the Universe…we don’t fall thru the floor or randomly walk thru walls…SO IT MUST BE FAIR!!!

That got me “investigating.” I started to notice all the things that seemed fake. That led me to the conclusion that most, if not all, are fake.

So how does that square up with being fair? There must be a “real” world where everything is. I had no idea what that could look like, but it gave me hope it existed.

One of the things most people accept is the concept of good and evil. Most just accept it, but are really mad when they experience the bad. Yeah, why do we have to put up evil, and why is it 98% of what we experience?


How can evil create anything useful, except to differentiate from good? Isn’t there a better way?

Then the concept of “Good, Better, Best” came to me, maybe just because I was searching and not accepting…knowing there was SOMETHING BETTER! Instead of “good and evil,” how about all things were at least Good, then Better and ultimately Best? That sounds fair and pretty good to me!!!

But how come we don’t see that here in our “reality?” It “came” to me that we don’t really believe it, so it will never be. If we accept that falseness, it will never change.

Why are we always routing for the hero, who is the underdog, the controversial free-thinking, freedom-loving rebel in movies and stories, but never translate that belief and action into our own world, knowing only those people and ideas are how progress is made and what makes our life better?

So, shouldn’t we go with our innate tendency and become that free-will person, and begin to think of how it CAN be better? Since most of what we know is false, it will take some “work!” First, we must go down the “rabbit hole” and discover what is false and quit lying to ourselves that everything is OK!!!


That’s where it starts. Where that leads is anybody’s guess, but in the end, don’t we create our own reality? If the one we are in is false, then someone created it, so a better one can be as well!!