Why We Innately Long for Separation but Need Connection

I would posit that we all want to be our own separate beings, because how can we differentiate ourselves from others and our environment? Yet we long for connection with others and God.

The gurus tell that we are really one with God. Wow!

Now there is a fine distinction between being one with God and being God. Being one means a close connection without actually being that Entity. That’s about as close as we can get without losing ourselves.

So we are always aware of our separation. That’s a good thing and a bad one. It’s good is that we are separate beings, but bad because we often lose the connection.

That loss creates trauma in our life. We know we can do better, but we just don’t because we are inherently rebellious and want to do it ourselves. We don’t see how to do it, so make so many mistakes that we get farther away from our goal.

What a dilemna!!

Balance is always the solution!

You know you are connected to God, and put on this earth to create…and an extencion of the All Mighty. So create as your self realizing that you are really helping God in His Creation!


Taking The Longer Perspective on Life

What would change if you knew you could live until 130? It would change your perspective for sure!

I have that vision of 130 years.

First, you have to start planning for the long term. Retirement will last a loonngg time! So you will have to save much more.

You can work longer so you must keep up with the changing environment thru training.

Your accountability will have to increase. Telling lies for that long is very hard.

Long-term relationships take on a whole new meaning. Can we stay with a partner that long or will we grow and change so our Paths diverge? Renewing the commitment is going to be necessary, and if you cannot do that in good faith, then it’s time to move on. That brings heartache and change that we need to prepare for. We have to approach them in a more “rational” way. Feelings are there but they can change depending on actions. If the actions don’t line up with the feelings, trust is destroyed, so it ends.

The chance for you to evolve into “5D” or Crossing the Line becomes greater, so this Delusion can collapse with a new one manifesting…hopefully!!!

The matrix control and lies are harder to maintain as people have longer to experience life, and long for something better.

I can see myself and you enjoying our full 130 years, and even longer once we get used to the reality that we are infinite beings from God/Source/Creator who never die, but keep creating…Finding Our Dream…as part of All That Is!!!




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NPC’s, Zombies, and Useless Eaters.

I would like to compare NPC’s (non-programmable characters), Zombies depicted in movies, and what “some” call certain people useless eaters…(if you know what I mean..wink, wink.)

I won’t do the contrast as there are many. I’m just talking about how they are basically the same, just presented in different venues.

NPC’s come from video games where characters are inserted just as fillers. They don’t do anything, but make the game look real. They are similar to extras used in movies. On social media, the term is used for unaware, manipulated people who just go along in life accepting whatever MSM tells them. They change their mind and don’t even remember what they thought previously. They are like the avatars in the Matrix movies that Anderson could take over and fight Neo…just there to be used as the Controller wanted.

They don’t have much awareness or make their own choices.

The Zombie movies depict crazed people wanting to eat the uninfected, but only until they started to change, and then move on. The goal is to make everyone like themselves. Once everyone in their area is changed they shut down until a “real” person comes along. It’s interesting that in some movies they live for a long time and in others the disease eventually kills them, but the main point is that everyone needs to be the same…deranged and diseased. In one movie, an uninfected one survives with strict rules to hide himself at night so they can’t detect him, until…he finds other normal people, which is his undoing, because they don’t follow the rules. The zombies are actually starting to develop some higher cognitive function and invade his house. He dies protecting the people and kills the cognizant zombie.

Useless eaters are 90% of the people in this world, as the controllers see it. They are getting too numerous and need to be culled.

Are you getting the picture?

NPC’s are mindless idiots. Zombies are mindless killers and useless eaters are just useless. We are being told over and over that we are nothing, not worth the flesh we are made of. No wonder the world is in such a state.

So be like Neo and Trinity and “fly away,” or the uninfected having rules to protect themselves…and Never break them, and start earning your keep by first discovering Love and then Finding Dream! And actually contributing something to Society!!!

Just my thoughts!!!



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Staying Over the Line

It seems to be easier to Cross the Line as it is a “one-time” thing.

The first time is a really great…high… experience! Every time after that seems not as much, The Entities are telling me now that it doesn’t have to be that way. Crossing the Line…or rather Being Across the Line…is supposed to be a rejuvenation so one can endure below the Line. It’s what gives us the Energy, Persistence, and Commitment to stay in Abundance and Peace! Even under harsh, stressful and overwhelming circumstances.

I experienced this yesterday. I was doing some research and found something that totally changed my direction. I spent hours talking to different people about why it was and then how to “fix” it. It ended up being a fairly simple solution, but the path there was fraught with anxiety, and stress.

I listened to a great man last night that I have followed for years. He said that no matter what you are going thru…all mistakes made, and offenses of others…the goal is to “shake it off!”

So simple and yet elegant!

So now a great burden has been lifted, and it comes back to “What do You Want?”

I like to write, visualize what the future could look like, and think of what I want to be, being healed, healthy, and wealthy. Having the option of “Today I am going to do whatever I want!”

It doesn’t turn out that way…Entities are always talking to me, telling me what the Next Right Thing is. That results in me being much more fulfilled and satisfied than “doing whatever I want” anyway.

It’s really nice to have something to do…sometimes for others that give one purpose.

It is said in the New World, people who want the benefits of “free” housing, energy, and food will have to present a humanitarian project. Like how are you going to justify your existence and not just be a “useless eater!”

Rather exciting, I think. I need a plan to help other people…in my case helping them to Cross and Stay Over the Line. It will be easier then, and people will see things more clearly. It’s going to be a big change for most though.

It was for me!!!

So I just love to be Over the Line more and more, which is making below the Line more enjoyable.

I just “shake it off” and keep moving.

Upward and Onward!

In Abundance and Peace



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