Why do I do “This?”

Why DO I do this?

What is “This” anyway?

It’s me writing this blog, and posting on Social Media.

It doesn’t seem to line up with anything I have said in previous posts.
I say, “There is only me/I.”

You really aren’t there. You are a figment of my imagination or perception.

On the other hand, we are all a part of the Whole. We all came from the same Place/Being.

I am You!

I am really talking to myself; encouraging, uplifting, organizing, practicing, vibrating being ME.

When I write, produce a video, or post on social media, I am telling myself what I think…and thinking is the most crucial part. I have to think…for hours… to express myself to you, another part of Me.

Then “You” give me feedback and I grow and create new “content.”

What is content anyway? What does it mean in the traditional sense? It means “the filling,” or what’s inside. So I am giving you what’s inside me…what I THINK…what I am being!

I am giving You/Myself what I have and You/I are responding, which creates new content. It’s how Matrixes are created, and, most importantly, the one I use.

How does they (If you don’t know about they, you can read about it here: https://vincesalzer.com/being-good/the-line/.) fit into all this jumble, contradiction, and sense-making…LOL?

They tell me all this stuff, and say they are a part of me speaking from another part of Me…”over there!”.

Am I making any sense at all?

I think I’m getting it…at least better than before I started “spilling my guts” as the saying goes. Guts are what’s inside me…content.

See everything means something.

I am sitting in a coffee tienda writing and it is completely full.

The staff is going at 150 %. It’s amazing to watch! The energy in the room is very intense and exciting. Everyone is connecting in a way that is authentic, life-giving, Matrix sustaining, and generally good for the connection to myself.

Seems Contradictory and Rational.

I always say, “Does it make sense?” Somehow it does.

I use the both/and way of looking at life rather than the either/or…like quantum states…meaning one can be in 2 states at the same time or even an undetermined one. That concept is being applied in the real world now, so why can’t I use it?!!!
I can both contradict myself and make sense so long as I am not in doubt or in conflict within myself.

I need to see myself as congruent, so I can focus and create undoubtedly.

My intention is to create the reality… illusion…I live in that is the best for my ascension, evolution, progression.

I call it “Bliss!!!” The Bliss of being Over the Line and in Peace!

Focus, and it happens all day long! I am reminding myself…or being reminded by they.  I keep asking, “Ok, what is the Next Right Thing?”

I am always discovering what I want…also knowing an overall Dream is there. I don’t need to know it…just that is.

They have my back! It’s ok! Everything is going to turn out just the way I Want!

To Your Peace,

Vince Salzer

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Creating the Life of Freedom!

Every day I receive new things from them.

Yesterday, it was:  I need to control my emotions. Things weren’t working, and I let my frustrations out on people who didn’t control the process we were trying to complete. Finally, we agreed that it won’t work.

I then found another company that could, and it was all over in less than an hour! Oh, the trials of technology.

I then apologized to the first company for my behavior and told them how I solved the problem. I learned that if something doesn’t work right away, find a different way before getting angry.

There is always another way!!!

I then had to go into why I blocked myself from solutions by getting angry. What trauma is hiding…but now evident…that I haven’t addressed?

It’s that I want everything to go smoothly when I do something. When it doesn’t I don’t react well.

Solution: Remember the Peace…always. I am FREE, so this little thing is not so important. Keep being in the Present!

How about you? Sound familiar?

Now, for some good things!!!

I heard someone say that time doesn’t exist outside the 3D dimension.


So how do things happen out there? They just told me it happens all at once! Creation is happening now and only now! The past and the future, as we know it, are all a part of Now!

Somehow that helped…not sure what changed, but something clicked in my “head.”

Then I heard someone talk about the Akashic Record and karma. The Record is where everything is stored and karma is the resulting actions from that record. He said that before, all actions had consequences and accumulated over time. Now there’s a way to actually negate the karma by dealing with all actions as they come up. Being accountable, apologizing, and making amends when it has to do with other people totally cancels the karma and clears the record. For things that you can’t rectify, you can just cancel them, including all the things you have done to yourself!!!

Wow, that’s cool!

So now it’s possible to be someone with No Past! 

Imagine if you sat down to think and nothing came up to accuse you!! The actions are still there, but they have no more effect on you because you dealt with them. Before they were brought up over and over, no matter what you did. They wanted to be fixed. Now you can fix it, by saying that it doesn’t matter anymore because I dealt with it. It’s Done, Over!

With practice, this becomes the way to quiet the mind so you can hear what they are saying.

Another new thing is that they are not another entity outside of you. They are the same as you. People call it the Higher Self, Soul, and many other things. They said “my” higher self and they are the same.


So I’m not contradicting myself when I say that it’s all happening on the inside, and there is only you…or rather me/I because out there they are all the same.

Deep Stuff!!! Maybe not…Depending…

Which means that I have more confirmations of my thinking.

The 3 Pillars, Crossing the Line and being at Peace are still Valid!!!

They said that this is a continuing Process… a State of Being. That’s how Creating happens.

Along with that, I spend a lot of time thinking about What I Want and doing the Next Right Thing, It’s the Journey of Finding MY Dream!

Being Free means in every area of your life. Money magnifies what we are like. The question is: What do you want your life to be when you have no more money fears and worries? The correct way to say it is:  How do you want to BE when you have no fear of money?

I am putting together thoughts and actions that will help everyone who joins this Freedom. Before I tailored to each one individually. I can say things there that might offend if I told you personally.

It might turn into a course, or just a booklet on taking the steps necessary to get to your point of Crossing the Line.

As always, if you want more info, comment on this message with a valid email, or send a message to: vsalzer@vincesalzer.com.

That’s if you want to be Free!

To Your Freedom!




The Journey to Finding Your Dream and Creating Peace!

Just because one is Financially FREE and striving for Peace doesn’t mean every day is going to be “Great!” I am having one of those today. It’s hot and humid, but I am out going after My Dream, which means that there will be things to overcome. That’s just the way it is. I call them Challenges to My Peace!

The resistance is there, but whenever I go into My Peace, the calmness and reassurance are there as well. Just knowing that I am Free Financially and Finding My Dream motivates me. It’s easier now than before I Crossed the Line.

I just say to the circumstances…and my mind…who tends to make things seem worse, that I just don’t want to be in that space or feeling. It will suggest another one, but I just keep telling it I want to be in the space of feeling what’s it’s like being on the Other Side, at Peace and doing what they tell me.

I have a list of things to do. I accomplish one item on the list and then ask myself what is the Next Right Thing. This keeps me busy, and my mind doesn’t wander. At the end of the day I can say I did well and relax.

If you want a better world, Create One! It’s all happening on the inside anyway. Being “there” instead of “here” on a consistent basis will make the there…here.

Get it?

Ok, this is the next day. Had to include it, because of what happened!

So, it wasn’t such a “good” day yesterday, but I made it through. Today, I get up and start doing the next right thing.

Yesterday I said I keep a list. Today I learned that it probably isn’t necessary. So many other things will come up that I can get stressed that I am not accomplishing the “main goals.” So, they must be keeping the List…

This morning something happened that wanted to disrupt my “plan,” but I get it done, and then on to the next few things. I am always listening and questioning, “OK, what’s next??” The next right thing comes up, and I immediately do it. Sometimes, as I was out doing things, it was “Stop here. At this store.” So I did. I got so many questions answered about what I Really Wanted. Like, if I lived in this kind of place what would I furnish it with, and other places I would like to visit. I met a very person at a neat Sushi Bar. The day just flowed with new and interesting things. It wasn’t that hot, and I walked around and barely broke a sweat. It was so different than yesterday

The incredible thing is everything from yesterday got resolved, plus so many more things.

So much for worrying and stressing. I admit I was stressed yesterday, but today they showed me that it was all for naught. They really showed me that if I kept up my attitude, did what they said, my reward was awesome.

And it just keeps going!!!

They keep Amazing me!

This is the journey to Finding Your Dream and Creating Peace.

Gotta say it…If you want a Life like this…let me know!



Am I Crazy?

So really, Am I Crazy?

Some of you may wonder and so do I…Am I hearing voices!

Well, I am…hearing things…so I might be crazy.

The only thing I can point to are the results I have…total financial freedom.

The rest I am still working on. I am not perfect in the physical sense, but they told me they see me as perfect.

How awesome is that!!!

Or how delusional is it???

Guess I’ll take the finances as proof, plus the voice(s) many confirmations of what they said came true.

And maybe it’s the Love I feel from them, and therefore for myself, and the compassion for You?

So maybe I just might have something…

It’s interesting that I was just watching video where this lady describes leaving her body, going wherever she wanted and doing anything she could think of. So maybe the Other Side might even exist.

I voiced my humbleness and awe at what they have told me, and that they even “talk” to me, in my last post, but they said it really isn’t a big deal. Instead Gratitude is a good thing to offer to Everything, Everywhere, All At Once! They are just part of that…just like we are.

They said that I put in the work, took a step of faith, and followed my intuition. That was me…and had very little to do with them. They were watching of course, so they knew I was ripe for their communication.

They are always knocking at the door, and responding to whoever opens it. They knocked…and called…and knocked…and knocked again for over 30 years…until I opened it. That was when my 1 or 2 chances started. I had a choice then to accept them or not. If I had not accepted, they just move on.

That is what they are teaching me as well. To write, do what I can to innerstand and keep on the other side, or keep Finding My Dream is the Great Journey!

I can sense many of you are wondering, what if he awakens from his Dream. Maybe I will, but is the Dream of enjoying the results of financial freedom worth it? By my judgment, anytime spent there is better than where I was before. And maybe by then I will have progressed far enough to never come back over the Line…staying in the Dream.

So being crazy for me is just fine. I have the tangible results.

Do You? What do You Want?

Again the “if you want help, or have questions” thing is: contact me by replying to this post, by email or other social media

Abundance and Peace from a Maybe Crazy person



So What Really is Crossing the Line?

I am going to try to explain more about what Crossing the Line is.

This is harder than one thinks. It is explaining something that is out of this world, but, yet, still in it. One wise man said, “Be of this world, but not in it.” Do you know who it was?

To not be “in this world” one needs to be able to access info that comes from those who are in that “other” space, because that’s where the info comes from. They say completely different things from what is commonly known.

They are completely at peace, loving themselves and financially free.

There are groups of them in all areas of society, and they only congregate with other people who are like minded. They don’t think exactly alike, but the common thing among them is that they have all Crossed the Line! Like I said they are FREE in every area of their life and getting more every day! That’s what binds them together. They have other common interests, such as the type of business, the spiritual practice, entertainment, the family stage (children or not) and many other things.

So they gather into these groups I call Master Minds which keeps their mindset “on the other side.” They also help each other to achieve their Dreams.

These people also have seminars and coaching sessions teaching people like you and me how to “Cross Over.” They do it because they live in BLISS and want others to have it as well. The clubs are always wanting to expand too, as everyone wants more friends…right.

They explain what it’s like to be free, and how to go about achieving it. There are many different ways to do that, of course, so it depends on whom you resonate with. But the end goal is the same…Crossing the Line means FREEDOM!

It’s like they are extending their hand out to you, inviting you into the club. You qualify by being open to new and different information. Then they look for commitment in time, energy, focus and money, because nothing is free in this world. They also look for how enthused and excited you are.

If you are stuck in fear, they help you, so you can rise above it. They also help you deal with your traumas. Everyone has them, so you are really no different than anyone else. They have been there themselves, and know what it’s like.

In my experience, everyone talks about Money! It is no different with them because it is so important until you have established ways to generate it consistently. It is the first step in your Crossing the Line journey. But just working hard to make money is not the answer. It is learning how to do the things that makes you a “manifestor!” There are specific vehicles that they use to achieve these goals, and can be different for each group.

The mindset of, “I am open to the way of manifesting that works for me.” is the thing that reveals the Line. I have been looking for that all of my life, and, in some way, everyone is as well. So I am not saying anything that doesn’t apply to all humanity. We all have the desire to become FREE! We just don’t know exactly how to get there! The better way to say it is, “How to be there!” It is a state being.

One of the groups says, “Just keeping coming to the seminars, until you “get it!” Just keep getting the info until that one thing clicks for you.

I always remember the people “over there” say that once you know it, you will be completely changed. They said that they went from “trying” to attract people to their cause or idea or company to having people contacting them wanting to be apart of what they were doing. It became almost effortless. This has been said by many thought leaders throughout history. What we desire we attract!

Then a few years ago I began getting messages from I don’t know who or where. They told me things that came true many times, so I listened and more came. They gave me “The Three Pillars,” which is how one Finds Their Dream…or now, how one “Crosses the Line!”

I asked who they were or where they came from, but never really got an answer. So I just call them they. They said to never put quotes around or bold the word they. They would prefer I don’t capitalize it either. They say it’s not important. They don’t have names anyway. I don’t even know if it’s one entity or more. It really is irrelevant. I just follow what they say as much as I can. They are so loving and accepting that I break down in gratitude and humbleness, just to be allowed to hear what they say. But then they say again, they are no better than me, and just continue to be On the Other Side!

It is a great honor for me just to be a part of Crossing the Line!

It’s like the religious experience of getting saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in the Christian sense. There are similar things in other traditions as well. If you are familiar with them, you will know the words.

But the spiritual experience needs to be manifested in the physical world. That’s when it become real and makes a difference in your life.

It’s called Abundance and Peace!

These are their terms. I don’t make them up. First comes the name like Crossing the Line, and then it’s explained in detail. It takes time to process it, so I can “innerstand” it. Then they tell me to write it in my blog and on social media. Actually I am sometimes overwhelmed by the immensity of it, and have to really focus to put this “concept” into words. Hence I am becoming a word artist as I mentioned in my last post. I am truly amazed sometimes what comes out of my mouth, or write in response to people who respond to me on social media. They always have something unique to say to each of these people, and it just comes out.

In the midst of all this contact with them I found something that just resonated with me, so I got started. A few months later I realized that this vehicle is making me financially independent, and will last as long as the internet and common business practice exists. It was intuitive as well as logical. It just made Sense! Once I realized that I was financially free, I was completely changed.

My favorite line now is that I am financially free and do what I like. The rest of my life will be finding out what I really desire to do! The question is, “What do I want?” That’s not as easy as you think, because the possibilities seem endless. Even with boundaries, as you might have, it still takes a lot of “thinking” to see what you really want!

It is an endeavor that will occupy my life completely. I think of something I want to do and then go about doing it, always keeping that Peace. I call it Staying Over the Line! It gets easier the more I do it. It’s as important as Crossing the Line is.

I learned to keep a protection around me, and am insulated from the negative in this world…as I perceive it.

The other thing they said is there are only 1 or 2 times that this will be presented to you…IN YOUR LIFE! They were very clear about it. It was like a warning! If you don’t accept it, I am told to move on. We can be acquaintances, but Crossing the Line will always be lurking. You know that I am FREE and it’s something you want, but reject.

I guess that’s one reason it’s called a Line. Step over it and become FREE, or stay on the other side. It’s up to You. You don’t offend me by not wanting to cross it. I was there and I know what it’s like.

I share the process of this concept to those who have done the initial steps to gather information, getting their questions answered and seem ready by their actions.

It’s a logical investigation driven by the desire we all have to grow…to be FREE. You just have to be open to learning more about it

I have compassion for you no matter what you decide. We all have our own journey.

They tell me I can only associate with like minded people, those who are over the Line or truly want to be, so I am following Instructions. I am not any better than you, just open to them and made different decisions.

Well this has turned in a “book.” In my last post I said I don’t have anymore words, but many more will be coming. That certainly happened…another amazing thing about them.

All I can say that if you are ready…open to hear what they say…not me…then reply to this post, contact me by email below or PM me on most social media. I am the same everywhere: Vince Salzer

Abundance and Peace,



The “Line”

A new and exciting concept came to me the other day.

It was given to me as Crossing the Line!

I made 2 videos about it. You can access the first one here and the second here. I talk like I normally do. Not professionally done, but the idea is what counts. You can get to know me now…like I’m a real FREE person.

It’s when you realize that there is a difference between having and wanting…fear and love…trauma and peace…abundance and lack.

Those who are on the “other side of the line” are at peace with themselves because they know that everything is happening as it should and is for their benefit.

They have enough money coming in every day and know that it will continue for the rest of their lives. Their fear of abundance is no longer there. That means that they don’t fear having money or not having it. It comes to them so they can have what they desire. It is just a tool, you know. They are happy with themselves because they do what they love, and they are always growing and creating.

I have seen and listened to so many of them try to tell me how it all works. I understood it, but never really got it.

I Understand Now! I Got It!

I am financially independent, and personally free from the past. I am getting more free each day as I release each trauma as it comes to the surface. Many other things go along with it. I am in a state where one is totally aware, honest, and accountable. They call it BLISS, which is a profound sense of contentment and freedom!!! It’s what happens when you have Crossed the Line!!!

I don’t want to sound arrogant and I am not perfect…at least in my actions, but I see myself completely different. There is a space…an allowance…for good things to happen. The process of creating and growing is so amazing, and things happen every day that provide me the opportunity to do so!!!

It seems like everything has an intention to it. There is direction in it.

I could probably go on and on, but words really don’t touch the “being” of it all!

But I will be writing and talking about this much more in the future. There are so many more words that need to be said to somehow explain it. To express feelings in words is an art…so I am becoming an artist!

BUT…isn’t there always a But?

First, this takes commitment, time energy and money. Nothing happens without effort.

Second, you will be presented with this concept and the opportunity only once or twice In Your Whole Life! I repeat once or twice! You have only that time or times if you are fortunate, to accept it

I accepted it, committed to it, spend my time and energy to accomplish it and then I was rewarded with the Result!!!

I am so grateful that I received and accepted the opportunity of “Crossing the Line,” and I am extending it to you,

So now it’s your decision. Will you accept the invitation, and then commit your time and energy to the process of ”Crossing the Line?”

If so give me a Shout!


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I do Read them ALL!!!

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