Where’s our place?

Where is our place?

Where do we fit in?

It says somewhere (I know where. I challenge you to find it.) that we all are one body, with many parts, each of us fitted together to create a good working unit.

That sounds like there is a Plan, one that allows us the freedom to be who we are, but still, be a part of something greater than us.

The Creator of the Universe is perfect and has a perfect place for us!! Isn’t that comforting, compelling, and exciting!!

Might be a good idea to get to know Him, and then find out what He has for you.

But how do I know Him? I’m such a worm, not really worthy to enter into His Presence.

Well, he provided a Way for all of us to do that. Yes, no matter who we are, or what we have done; he includes all of us. In fact, more than anything, He wants us to come to Him, and get what we need. I challenge you to discover Him and His Way!!!

Since there are so many comments (over 800) on this post, I thought I would add something to it.

I have talked about God many times in this blog, but as this is an old post, my focus has changed.

The challenge is still there…to discover Him!

The Way is different than it was. It was outward focused…like Someone did something for you, and all you need to do is accept it…and your life will change.

I discovered that someone doing something for you will never make you change. It might help, but You need to be the one to do that something.

Forgiveness is one of those things. It matters very little if someone else forgives you. You will never release the guilt and shame until YOU forgive Yourself.

It says somewhere…again go find it yourself…that at the end of your life, you will judge yourself. You know you will be the hardest judge there is.

If you have forgiven yourself, and have moved on, there will be nothing to judge.

There are other steps I can help you with that are individually crafted for your situation.

So here’s the next challenge!!!

Go deeper!

Take a risk!

Contact me at one of the icons hovering at the bottom of this post or at vsalzer@vincesalzer.com.

I know many of the 1400 of you are searching…for meaning, forgiveness, and a chance at life.

I can help!

Thoughts on Getting “There”

Where is “There” anyway…Heaven, Nirvana.

I really don’t care what one calls it, the point is, everyone knows and wants to get there. The issue is how??? How about “living a good life?” That might do it, but one never knows, and who ever lived a good life?”

There’s only one person who even came close…So the “might” and the good life are out.

How about following “your path.” Who picked the path…you did of course. Isn’t there something about deception not known until someone else reveals it to us. Could be my path is inherently deceptive. If everyone’s path is right for them…and we must accept it as it is, that kinds plays with our mind when we think about murders and pedophiles, doesn’t it.

They have an awful strange God, one that they probably made up. Could it be we have made ours up too?

So the good life and our path thing doesn’t seem to work. There must be A Path, and there must be A Way to get there in spite of not living a good life.

Seems like God’s has a Plan…and only One…and He must have created something/someone to clean us up, if that’s what He wants, so we can “get there.” I challenge you to find it/Him!!