Inspiration from Inspiration Ministires

I recently began reading this month’s devotional from Inspiration Ministries, and mined some “Gold” (God Things) from it. First of all…God has a purpose for me…really…wonder what it is?? Well if we wonder how to get a more exciting life; might be something to check into. Can start by Discovering the Grand Adventure! It’s as though He’s standing there with His arms held out to you, just waiting for you to stop, get quiet and rest in His Presence. Doesn’t sound like much “work” to me. Can our testimony be that we believed and obeyed God. Lives will be touched and changed forever because of our obedience! Whatever He asks of us, will be given when we need it…for His Glory,,,and our reward.
May the Lord bless you and keep you, and may He make His face shine upon you, and give you Peace.

The Past and Forgiveness

I read a devotional the other day, and the same idea in one this morning. The first one said, “Forgive the past until it is no longer there.”Wow, could that ever happen? Could I ever be a “man with no past.” (Is there a movie about that, Clint Eastwood, maybe…anyway) The one today said, forgive the past until it has no power over you anymore. Well that’s maybe more “realistic.” Everyone has a past, right, but maybe if we didn’t have one, it couldn’t come back to haunt us. You know our sins are as far as east is from the west and He doesn’t remember them. (That’s in the Bible.) So if the Creator of the Universe chooses not to  remember them, we shouldn’t either. I been spoken over recently, and they said that I am rejecting myself and my immune system is turning itself on itself (me.) Hmm, could that be my past, or its unforgiveness? Another lady sang to me, “Why don’t you give everything to Me, and I will take it and bring you Everything you need, not everything you want. There is a great destiny for you.” Don’t how that can happen unless the power of the past is broken! But hurry, the Change is coming soon.

Freedom…what does it mean?

I’m in Galatians again…the end of chapter 3 and beginning of chapter 4, where Paul talks about Freedom! How many times have we heard this…that we can be free….of our addictions, besetting sins (the ones we constantly struggle with), and constant temptations. It seems so far away…that release we desire. Paul talks about being freed from the Law, no division in the Body and being sons and daughters of the Most High!! Sounds pretty good! Now how does it all work…practically. No I’m not going to give you 5 steps or 3 ways…I’m just going to say, intimate relationship with the Father…yielding to His Voice….and waiting on Him. Waiting not for a few minutes during devotions or meditating for a awhile before you go to sleep, but truly being in a marriage with Him. Spend time with Him today! Wait to hear Him speak, all day long, while you work, but mostly wait in silence. He will revel Himself when we are ready. He’s coming soon you know!

Oh you Foolish…Christians

It says in the Amplified Version in Galations 1:1, O you poor and silly and thoughtless and unreflecting and senseless Galatians. Is this a good description of me/us? Where am I poor…in spirit, in the flesh, financially. How silly are my thoughts regarding His Provision in my life? How about thoughtless…never thinking about Him except for when I go to church, or my 5 min devotional, or the 15 min it takes to write this blog. Unnreflecting…do I reflect on how much God has blessed me…how good Life in Him is…where I have to change. Senseless….am I aware of how awesome God is, the deeper things He wants to draw me into…the miracles He has for me to perform to show the Glory of His Presence!!

Faith Crisis..from a devotional

I was reading a devotional last before going to bed. It was from a missionary in Haiti, who went thru the devastation of the earthquake there. His faith was shaken when he saw his congregation utterly decimated. He was honest when he said that he talked to God about it. They had a great conversation, mostly him telling God about his doubts of His love and where was it thru this trial. I wonder what happens to us when we encounter rough times. Is our faith shaken? Do we “go on strike’ in our relationship with Him? Do we withdraw, or do we draw closer? Do we say “why God” or do we read the end of Proverbs and say “I don’t know Your Ways, but I do trust You to bring me through, just as you always have, and even if you don’t, I will never quit in my faith.” What does God reward?…Faith… even in the most “un-understandable” of times, for who else is there to turn to….

God Things

Lots of good/God things in Proverbs. Just reading this morning about how you try to tell/change a fool and it’s “foolhardy.” It doesn’t work. Wonder how many times God or people have spoken into my life, but I rejected the counsel.Does that make me a fool. Guess So. How about you??

Are we any different?

In Jeremiah, he is saying that the evilness will recompensed. That means they will get theirs….So what makes us think that we will get away with “it,” that we will go “unpunished?” Do we think we are good enough, and Everyone will overlook our faults, our deep dark secrets? Hardly, we beat our self up knowing them. How much more does our Creator know about them. It doesn’t mean He beats us up. God is the one who saves us from them. It’s called Love.