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The 3 Pillars to Finding Your Dream and Crossing the Line!

Read the 4 Posts Below (in Order) to Get the Keys to Your Freedom!

I am going to try to explain more about what Crossing the Line is. This is harder than one thinks. It is …

So really, Am I Crazy? Some of you may wonder and so do I…Am I hearing voices! Well, I am…hearing things…so I …

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A new and exciting concept came to me the other day. It was given to me as Crossing the Line! I made …

A Little About Me...


To get to know me better, I am going to relate my Journey to how I got to this point in Finding My Dream and crossing the Line.

So here goes:

I grew up in a small town in North Dakota, USA, in a family of 2 brothers and 2 sisters. My dad ran an electrical contracting business. My brother is now running it. It has been in operation since 1948…65 years!!!

I was the smart kid in school, so got scholarships for college. There I got interested in computers, but they weren’t developed enough to suit me. After college, I got into construction and was into living off the land…like Mother Earth News in the ’70s.

I spent 4 years overseas working in Saudi Arabia and vacationing in the Philippines, so I got an international perspective and love of the tropics.

After coming back, I did construction and then moved into computers, business consulting, and project management because I could see that business owners needed help with technology. Somehow that lead to Real Estate appraising.

That all stopped when I moved to Ecuador…to be in the tropics again…where I now live…but not for long!!!

While living here I started a personal coaching business and “received” a healing technique.

About 5 years ago I began receiving “messages” from some “beings” whom I will call Entities. They said that is good as any. Guess they don’t need names…Across the Line! I don’t know how many they are or where they are from. They said it’s not important anyway. I just listen…and do…the Next Right Thing!

About 3 years ago I got the 3 Pillars to Finding Your Dream, direct from them. It was pretty strong and didn’t leave me for weeks. That’s how I know it them.

Then January 2023, I got another big “revelation” …again, don’t know what to call it…of Crossing the Line!

Since then, it’s been the process of Staying Over the Line and Finding My Dream. The question they keep asking is “What do YOU Want?”

I’m finding out new things every day that keep me occupied and satisfied.

So Onward and Upward…In Abundance and Peace!!!