Oh you Foolish…Christians

It says in the Amplified Version in Galations 1:1, O you poor and silly and thoughtless and unreflecting and senseless Galatians. Is this a good description of me/us? Where am I poor…in spirit, in the flesh, financially. How silly are my thoughts regarding His Provision in my life? How about thoughtless…never thinking about Him except for when I go to church, or my 5 min devotional, or the 15 min it takes to write this blog. Unnreflecting…do I reflect on how much God has blessed me…how good Life in Him is…where I have to change. Senseless….am I aware of how awesome God is, the deeper things He wants to draw me into…the miracles He has for me to perform to show the Glory of His Presence!!

One thought on “Oh you Foolish…Christians”

  1. How wonderful to see and read your new blog. I pray that the Lord will use you greatly to present questions many of us think about, but never have the courage to verbalize…or perhaps just ignore. I believe all our thoughts, etc. originate in our spirit…so if God is truly dwelling within us; are they basically questions He is asking us to focus on? Perhaps it is His way of revealing what we need to change in our character in order to be more like Him? Just a thought. Keep walking forward with your ‘eye’ on Him and your ear tuned in to His gentle whisper.

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