Inspiration from Inspiration Ministires

I recently began reading this month’s devotional from Inspiration Ministries, and mined some “Gold” (God Things) from it. First of all…God has a purpose for me…really…wonder what it is?? Well if we wonder how to get a more exciting life; might be something to check into. Can start by Discovering the Grand Adventure! It’s as though He’s standing there with His arms held out to you, just waiting for you to stop, get quiet and rest in His Presence. Doesn’t sound like much “work” to me. Can our testimony be that we believed and obeyed God. Lives will be touched and changed forever because of our obedience! Whatever He asks of us, will be given when we need it…for His Glory,,,and our reward.
May the Lord bless you and keep you, and may He make His face shine upon you, and give you Peace.

One thought on “Inspiration from Inspiration Ministires”

  1. I agree! Life with Christ is truly an adventure. Faith is walking sort of “blind” around each corner, yet KNOWING the Lord has already gone ahead and secured the area. He is also IN us and therefore WITH us everywhere we go, so that should bring us PEACE and great JOY as we go forward in all He calls us to. 🙂

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