Freedom…what does it mean?

I’m in Galatians again…the end of chapter 3 and beginning of chapter 4, where Paul talks about Freedom! How many times have we heard this…that we can be free….of our addictions, besetting sins (the ones we constantly struggle with), and constant temptations. It seems so far away…that release we desire. Paul talks about being freed from the Law, no division in the Body and being sons and daughters of the Most High!! Sounds pretty good! Now how does it all work…practically. No I’m not going to give you 5 steps or 3 ways…I’m just going to say, intimate relationship with the Father…yielding to His Voice….and waiting on Him. Waiting not for a few minutes during devotions or meditating for a awhile before you go to sleep, but truly being in a marriage with Him. Spend time with Him today! Wait to hear Him speak, all day long, while you work, but mostly wait in silence. He will revel Himself when we are ready. He’s coming soon you know!

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