What “Sickness” Taught Me!

I am recovering from what I would call an extreme gastronomic event….lol.

Well it wasn’t so funny, actually. I was in the worst pain in years….maybe ever. The chest pain was almost unbearable…and really, my guts didn’t hurt. Luckily my wife knew what the issue was..thru experience and intuition.

I thank you, Deanie, Very Much!

So, I had to restrict my diet severely for several days. I learned that I could survive on much less food.

Also that “being hungry” is just a reaction of my system…which was pretty screwed up. So I didn’t really know when I “needed” sustenance.

Now, I can follow a schedule that makes sense. One that says now it the time to eat…and not give in to the random cravings.

I realize that is the way to Love Myself…to Heal Myself…and to take control of my life.

To only eat when it’s necessary and only “good for me” foods has an immediate effect…because when I don’t get instant feedback…pain!!!

So, sometimes we are shown how to change and grow thru pain…brought on by our decisions…and we need to own that.

Our healing comes from within, as our decisions create the reason we suffer.

We truly grow when we can see both sides… Dealing with our internal selves is both very hard and very freeing!

Loving Oneself is the process of being accountable, and forgiving ourselves.

Once you can become that honest…you can Love Yourself and therefore Find Your Dream!