Going Toward Light

I listened to something this morning, which talked about Light and darkness. (Notice I capitalized Light and not darkness, which is my bias as to which is more important.)

It said Light comes out of darkness, so both are necessary, but we should focus on Light.

It also said that way back in Earth’s history, some chose darkness, and so it was allowed here in greater proportion.

We need to focus on Light to decrease darkness, and that will bring us to our destiny…help us in Finding our Dream, because…

Dreams are only in the Light.

It also talks about Time, that it is only in this “3rd Dimension.” To get to higher dimensions we need to escape it!


How do we do that?

Well, the explanation goes like this… We can only experience in the present…and as soon as we experience something, it goes into the past. The way to “remember” it is to bring it into the present.

Realizing that we can control the past by allowing only what we want, and the perspective we give it..such as a learning experience rather that a traumatizing one…

It separates us from our past!

We “see” our future as being in the present, because we are experiencing it…some say creating it…in the present. That is why we need to Dream our future the way we want it to be!

So we let in the “good” from the past, and Dream of the future that benefits our “Highest Good.”

That is escaping Time!

So going to Light and Escaping Time are ways to Success.

When you look to the Light you Find Your Dream, and when You Escape Time you know what Loving Yourself is!

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