You Will Never Ascend Until You Deal With Your Stuff!

We all have traumas, fears and guilt that limits our growth.

We all want to ascend or, at least, evolve, grow until we are ready.

We must truly Love Ourselves to let go of all of them, and cannot do it without Love.

I had an experience with a greater power. It put me on the floor, unable to breathe. It said to me, “This is only the slightest movement of my little finger. You cannot handle my power.”

I learned that you must rise up, and become that person that you know you can be!

That entails being accountable, admitting your fears, and dealing with those feelings and experiences that seem to overwhelm you.

You do that by realizing and repeating that you are not those traumas. That you are Loved, and You Love Yourself. You are a created, never ending spirit. That is Your True Self.

Then you rise in Your Power!


3 thoughts on “You Will Never Ascend Until You Deal With Your Stuff!”

  1. Sometimes dealing with fears and traumas that limit growth is very complex, eradicating them completely from the mind and feeling the void with possible thoughts gets tricky for me sometimes.

    1. Very tricky…try a trauma check. Just let your mind go back to memories that are strong. Let them come and then look at them. I just say to them, “Thank you, I learned from it…and now you go back on the shelf. If you don’t need it, put it way back behind other more necessary memories.

    2. Very similar to what we were discussing the other day Margret. The mind is very tricky but however we must control it and ensure it processes what we want because we have the power over it and success begins from the mind and flows down.

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