What Chiropractors Know.

Over 30 years ago, a chiropractor told me that “germs” don’t cause disease. Bacteria and viruses live in our body and it can’t live without them. They are detoxifiers, removing waste from the cells and organs. The more toxic the body the more germs there are to clean it. When the body gets so toxic the germs radically multiply, and there is a tremendous die off of both good and bad germs

That’s when you get sick!

Sickness is actually radical detoxification.

So massive overgrowth of germs are the result of disease or massive detoxification.

Every chiropractor is taught this in school, and chiropractors teach it in their waiting rooms.

So why are we believing that viruses are causing a disease?

Actually viruses have a great deal to do with our immune system…not the other way around.

Everything is 180 degrees turned around!

2 thoughts on “What Chiropractors Know.”

  1. People would argue that there are still virus related illnesses, it’s all confusing if you begin analyzing it from that angle you might not know who to believe. I try to make it about myself and figure out how I can come out better at the other side, rather than knowing the “cause” per say. Right now I’m more interested in hearing “we have a solution”.

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