The ins and outs of Loving Our Self

Starting to blog again. Hopefully this will turn into video to post.

I have been looking into Loving Yourself…as referenced in the Bible verse “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

I just look at the verse and ask what does it mean…or how can I do it? So it says to love my neighbor…how much??? As much as I love myself. So in order to love my neighbor I have to  first love myself. It’s like turning it around…and that’s the way many good truths are stated. They put the result first, and the necessary action first…and probably the hard part also.

So what is harder, loving yourself or your neighbor….good question. Doesn’t seem like either is “easy” or that we even want to do it. Loving our noise making, property crossing, and dirty neighbor is not something we want to do…and sitting down and seeing what we love about ourselves is not something we care to take the time to do. Maybe we are afraid of what we will find…maybe we will realize that there isn’t much there to love.

We might find that we are liars and unaccountable in almost everything we do…and that is not easy to deal with. And we are very good at seeing all the other negative things which doesn’t lend itself to Loving Oneself either.

But we need to learn to Love Ourselves, because we need to deal positively with the world…our neighbors. Otherwise we end up in frustration, despair and resentment which doesn’t end well.

So how do you learn how to Love Yourself? Well, its probably doing things you don’t enjoy doing…initially. Once you get started, though, you will find that the release and freedom that are the result will bring you back for more.

Imagine working through your inconsistencies….your self lies… and no longer being subconsciously burdened by them. Imagine being able you hold your head up in front of your family and friends, because you have dealt with your “issues,” and can now come from an honest and open place….meaning that you recognize and admit you failings, are making amends and making great strides in improving yourself.

Do you think you could love the “unlovable” brother in law better then? Would it make your life and maybe even his better?

Probably…most likely…for sure!!!

What is a Dream?


I have been receiving a lot of questions about what is a Dream, so I thought I would write a Primer on what it is.

First it’s not the one you had last night…while you were sleeping…lol.

It’s your Vision, Mission and all your Goals rolled into One Thing. It’s the way you want to Be…the State you want to be in…like being Happy.

Did you know you are living your Dream right now?

Yes, Your Dream is always in the Present. It’s the way you are…your Being!

Your Dream comes from your Decisions. They have taken you to where you are right now.

So, if you don’t like the one you have, get a new one, by doing these simple, exciting things:

You start by thinking…visualizing what you want your Dream to be.

So what do you really love to do? How do you want to feel?

Think about it…Feel it…by getting quiet…outside and inside.

There are techniques I can show you how to do that, and they unique to each one of you.

Next watch yourself live that Dream. Become the Watcher!!!

Separate yourself from all your past memories and all your future nightmares…and just be in Your Dream.

See it…Be it.

Third, see what ideas come up. They will things you can do to realize Your Dream.

Then do the first one you get. I call it the Next Right Thing…NRT.

It will be something that excites you…and easy to do.

After that, get feedback…and do the NRT that you get…from Being the Watcher!!!

Do that over and over…live your life like that…and You Will Find Your Dream!!!